If one is good than two is even better...

Cherish & Blessed (Faith, Love, and Devotion Book 4) - Tere Michaels

'Cherished & Blessed' are books #4 & #5 from Tere Michaels series 'Faith, Love & Devotion'. To say I love this series is a bit of an understatement but lets go with that for now.


It's actually been quite a while since I read 'Cherished' which is book #4 so I did skim through it a bit to refresh my memory. Both of these books are about Matt and Evan, although we also get to catch up with Jim and Griffin as well in book 5.


Book 4 has Matt and Evan gathering their family and friends at their home to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday and being a holiday what fun would it be without a bit of family drama. I loved this story it was like Thanksgiving with my family. Chaos and rage and angry words that can't be unspoken...yep, gotta' love those family gatherings...pass the antacids please. Seriously I totally enjoyed this story. Seeing Matt and Evan together as a couple dealing with the events of day to day life...I know it sounds boring, but honestly it wasn't it was fun and entertaining and pure enjoyment to revisit these men seeing that yes, there may be challenges but there was also a lot of love and HEA for this deserving couple.


In 'Blessed' we get to more of Matt and Evan as they maneuver the minefield that is life and along with them we also have Jim and Griffin as they try to determine the right path to take for their life together. Usually this type of story is ok and I enjoy them in smaller doses but somehow Tere Michaels has taken the ok and made it so warm and fun and sexy that I just want to keep reading.


I started reading this series back in 2010 which was early days for me in terms of reading the m/m genre I was totally enthralled with the characters and Tere Michaels ability to tell a story I adored Matt and Evan and Griffin and Jim but I also know my taste have changed a lot since then but what hasn't changed is how much I love this series. I was a favorite of mine 6 years ago and it's still a series that I highly enjoyed and would happily recommend.