Nailed IT!!!!

Truth & Tenderness - Tere Michaels

Wow!!! Just WOW!!! I loved this one. For me it was as close to perfect as it gets. Issues were resolved, questions were answered, problems solved and at the end of it all things were good really, really good.


From things I've seen posted here and there this is it. Sadly this is the end for this series. With Truth & Tenderness we get a final glimpse at Matt & Evan as they struggle to regain their balance following Evan's promotion to Captain and the additional job pressure and public exposure that this garners and the revelation once again appearances can be deceiving, we catch up with Jim & Griffin as they continue to plan their future while dealing with trouble from the past and supporting their friends in times of need, Shane & Helena are happily married and comfortable with their life together as they offer support to their friends in times of need, Daisy & Bennett happy with a new baby until a mistake tears them apart and pulls their friends into the aftermath. Meanwhile unknown to everyone something darker and more dangerous is circling waiting to seek revenge and strike at the heart of Griffin & Jim's happiness regardless of who gets in the way.


if you haven't read these books and plan on it then you might want to skip this next part but for some of my friends this is something that I know is a hard line and they don't like to encounter it in their books so spoiler time...I'm not using spoiler tags because this does not involve any of the MCs but there is cheating in this story.


This was not a story lacking in events. But it was also not a story containing too much to deliver. Most of what happened was connected and so events moved from one plotline to the next with each step moving us towards an inevitable conclusion.


Start to finish I could not quit reading this story even when I needed to do other things I found myself opening my e-reader for just one more page...just one more...until there was none and my questions were answered and there really was nothing more left to find out. I have so loved reading this series and while I might wish it had taken less time for it to be released at the end of it all was a story well worth waiting for.  Tere Michaels has created a series worth reading and one that will comfortable reside on my list of favorites and I will remain hopeful that even though things could easily be left here there are also distinct possibilities for things to be revisited in the future and I for one would enjoy that.