Good-bye Cole & Jae-Min. It was fun while it lasted...

Dirty Heart - Rhys Ford

'Dirty Heart' is the final book in a series that grabbed the attention of a good number of readers of the m/m genre by then new author, Rhys Ford. It's been a hella' good and exciting journey from start to sadly the finish. With this book Ms Ford has given us the answers to questions that have plagued Cole McGinnis, the main character of these stories from the very beginning.


Ironically my introduction to the writings of Rhys Ford came with her series SInner's Gin, but I loved it so much I immediately searched out and discovered this gem of a series. I bought everything that was available and jumped in with both feet. No looking back and no regrets.


In Ms Ford I found an author who not only told me a story she made me feel it. The love that Cole felt for Jae-Min for his brothers Mike and Ichi, for his sister-in-law Maddy, the mother of his heart Claudia and even for Rick the partner who was taken from him before this series even started and Ben his brother in blue who was like another brother and his best friend but betrayed him in the worst possible way and yet there was always a part of Cole's heart that while it ached for what Ben had done it loved him too and as Cole loved all these people so did I. And as much as I loved the people who had surrounded Cole to become his family I raged at the family who had abandon and abused him and Jae-Min, the man who Cole came to love so completely.


I can't conceive of a better way to make anyone understand the talent with words that Ms Ford has than to simple say you need to read this. It will make you laugh and cry and fall in love with a lot of amazing characters who will stay in your heart long after you're done reading.


I have no words better suited to describe Cole McGinnis and the relationship he shares with Jae-Min than those spoken by Jae-Min to Cole, so I will borrow them and leave you with this...


"I know you, Cole-ah. You love fully. With everything in your soul. I don't think about how he and I compare. Or who you love more. He's gone. And I'm sorry about that. Because he shouldn't have died. But I am glad for two things. He was loved by you while he was alive and that I am loved by you now."