One tragedy, two men...

Noah - Cara Dee

'Noah' is the first book I've read by Cara Dee and has placed her solidly on my 'need to read' list. I love an author who can draw me into a story from the very start, who makes me feel what her characters are feeling with an intensity that stays with me even after I've finished reading.


'Noah' is the story of how two men related by marriage and family lose that family and together find a way to rebuild their lives as seen through Noah's eyes. We are taken on his journey as he loses first the woman he believed he would spend his life with and then his family through a tragic accident. Noah's pain, anger, sense of loss for me was so vivid and real.


At 40 years old Noah is essentially a good man, he's confident, successful and knows what he wants or at least he did until his girlfriend cheats on him and an airplane crash takes away the family that he loves leaving him alone and floundering with no one who truly understands how he one except Julian, the 23 year old stepson of his sister Mia. Noah reaches out to Julian knowing that they are the only ones who can understand what they are each going through. It is this connection, this shared thread of loss and grief that draws these two men together allowing them to forge a bond. A bond that starts as mutual comfort and turns into friendship. Things become complicated for Noah when he realizes that what's between him and Julian has gone beyond the bonds of friendship.


Complications set in as Noah comes to realize that he wants more. After all Julian's his nephew...isn't he? No truly he's not. Noah has never really been an Uncle to Julian in any sense of the word. He actually knows very little about Julian, hasn't even seen him since he was a teenager. (It's all in the blurb)


The journey from beginning to end in this story was not easy and was filled with mistakes and frustrations. Noah's struggle with doing what he felt was right for Julian versus what he wanted had him waging an internal tug of war through much of this book. While Julian didn't have the same issues as Noah about their relationship, he definitely had his own issues that he struggled with.


I loved the secondary characters in this story these men were surrounded by true friends people who cared and believed in them and wanted the best for them as true friends should. Of course there were also a couple of characters that I could have done without but the story probably would have been boring without them. So to them I say....


Emma, please tell me what the hell it was, if it wasn't what it looked like? Because I was totally with Noah on that one. I'm thinking it was exactly what it looked like. So sorry sweetie you need to name it and claim it.


And Nicky, you my friend got exactly what you deserved. You were a manipulative and conniving little s-o-b who got his just desserts pizza in the end.


I loved the fullness this story had by showing us the lives of these two men beyond just them. The way everything at some point ultimately helped to connect them to the outside world and each other.


A couple of things that I'm not normally a fan of are time jumps and big age differences and yet neither of those things were an issue for me in this book... 


Time jumps don't usually work for me because I'm often left feeling like I've missed something when they happen, for this story they worked because while I didn't feel like I'd missed anything it also kept the story from becoming overly detailed and boring.


I'm not truly sure that I understand why the age difference didn't bother me but it didn't so I'm just going to attribute it to the author's talent and the quality of the story being told and if all that isn't enough...well, let me just say there's always Paris.