Back to Parkerburg...

Heart on the Run (Hearts of Parkerburg Book 2) - Havan Fellows, Lee Brazil, Jae Ashley

'Heart on the Run' is the second book in Havan Fellows and Lee Brazil's Parkerburg series and I was seriously thinking about taking a pass on this one because the first book didn't work out for me, but it's Havan Fellows and Lee Brazil and I like these two authors besides everyone deserves a second chance right? Of course they do.


So I took the leap of faith and me and my credit card did this thing. I was right everyone deserves a second chance. For me 'Heart on the Run' is considerably better than the first book was. Dermot and Xander show up from time to time in this story and yes they're still happily together...well as happy as Dermot can be, which I'm pretty sure when he's with Xander that's a lot happier than most realize. But in book 2 we have Chaz and Sprocket (and yes it's a nickname and it's a Fraggle Rock thing, but we do eventually find out his real name).


Chaz is the sous chef at Alimentaire, Dermot's restaurant and Sprocket is the assistant manager guessed it Craft Time and here it is Christmas time and once again the staff of these two establishments are getting tangled up in romance.


This was a cute light story with strong attraction, miscommunication, personal fears, well meaning but meddlesome friends...oh, and good food, lots of good food  and about what happens when you worry about protecting your heart when it doesn't want protecting.


'Heart on the Run' left me smiling and happy that I took a second trip to Parkersburg and while I was reluctant on the first book I would happily suggest this one for anyone wanting a story that's just a light, fun read.