How do you make an already awesome book even better...

Shatter - Rinda Elliott, Jocelynn Drake

Well you do it as a buddy read of course and Shatter was the perfect book for this and the perfect person was my awesome friend Christelle.


Shatter is book #2 in the series Unbreakable Bonds and it was the book that had me waiting with bated breath for it's release. This story belonged mainly to one smokin' hot paramedic named Jude Torres and the talented trauma surgeon Dr. Ashton Frost who as well as being good with his hands is sexy to the max . We got to see a fair bit of Dr. Frost or Snow as his friends call  him in Shiver which was book #1 in this series. Jude however, was a bit more of an enigma we really only got a brief glimpse of him in the first book. I was infatuated with Snow from the word go. By the end of the first sentence involving him I knew I had to know more...all of it the whole story where he was concerned and needless to say barely into book 2 and I was a total fan of Jude.


Unbreakable Bonds is a series about 4 men. Friends for life, brothers of the heart. They've been to hell and back together and there is no limit on what they will do for each other. We've all heard the expressions...a real friend is someone who walks in when everyone else is walking out, a real friend will help you hide/bury/move the body, you pick these men have probably done it all.


I say that this story belonged mainly to Snow and Jude because the lives of these four men is so intertwined that you can't have a story without all of them being heavily involved. Normally I would probably not be a huge fan of this but in this case I'm totally on board with the concept. While I absolutely adore Snow; the 3  remaining men...Lucas, Rowe and Ian also hold a strong fascination for me as well. Even though we got Lucas's story in Shiver I'm more than a little happy that he hasn't just faded into the background.


Start to finish this story held my attention and by the end of it I still loved Snow but what I loved even more was Snow and Jude. As a couple they worked for me. I loved that Jude saw Ashton Frost, not the façade that he gave the world but the real man, the one he kept hidden. The man that few if any had ever really seen before and Jude's mom, oh my god this book was worth reading just for her. Seriously I adored that woman, she was total perfection.


'Shiver' was a super beginning and I loved it. 'Shatter' was everything I had hoped for and then some. I love the heat these men put out and the added thriller aspect keeps the story moving and interesting and seriously I can't wait for the next book and the next...


Thanks for making an awesome story even better my friend and I can't wait for book 3 because I know it's going to be even more fun, right Christelle? Right Josy?