"A vampire, a demon and a wizard walk into a bar..."

Triad Blood - Nathan Burgoine

No seriously this isn't a joke it's the opening line for one of the most entertaining books that I have had the pleasure of reading in quite a while.


Let's just get this out of the way now, so there's absolutely no confusion 'I LOVED THIS FREAKING BOOK' it was awesome. It was fun and entertaining, it made me laugh and even hold my breath a couple of times. The characters were quirky and unique and the setting was perfection (but more about that later).


Ok, now that I've got my little gush out of the way. I'll settle down a bit and try to explain myself. 'Triad Blood' is not your typical m/m/m romance or even your usual paranormal story. To be honest it's really not a romance story at all. Now that doesn't mean there aren't any sexy times and there's definitely affection between the 3 main characters. But you have to keep in mind that this relationship came about for practical reasons it was a matter of survival for each of them. In the world of Triad Blood survival depends on the law of 3 but for Luc, Anders and Curtis life has been about simply surviving until they are brought together to form their own unique group.


Luc is the vampire. Along with his vampire graces, he brings a sense of maturity to the group. He's calm and rational and of course he's gorgeous and a predator at heart.


Anders is the demon. He's also a bit of a smart ass and the warrior of this group, he's not afraid of a fight and more than willing to give as good as he gets. I loved Anders with his slightly cynical and dry humor and I'm pretty sure he's missing a couple of filters at least one for sure, the one that tells you just because you thought it doesn't mean you should say it.


Curtis is the wizard. Along with his considerable powers as a wizard he brings compassion and humanity to this trio. He's also the young one in the group but don't let that fool you. He's powerful and more than able to defend himself both physically and verbally. The verbal repartee between him and Anders is total perfection. 


The only thing about this story that I was disappointed in was that it didn't start at the beginning of the relationship but I'm going to spare you all my disappointment and let you know that there is a story entitled 'Three' by Nathan Burgoine that tells how this unusual relationship came to be and it's available from the same publisher, Bold Strokes Press. Now back to the matter at hand...


I just want to take minute to talk about this cover. You see the building on the cover is the Fairmont Chateau Laurier or The Chateau as it is referred to in the book, it's located in Ottawa, the nation's capital. I've been there. I've slept in it's elegantly appointed rooms, dined in the banquet rooms, sat outside on a beautiful summer's day and watched the people of the city as they frantically hurried from place to place, I've walked the streets of Ottawa, strolled the paths along the Rideau, my hubby attended university there. My point being that even in books location can make a difference for the reader. Knowing where this story took place helped to bring it to life for me. Yet even more than the location was the story telling. I loved the spin that the author gave to the paranormal world and it's inhabitants.


In summary for me, 'Triad Blood' was a huge success, seriously read it, it's good...no it's better than good. It's a different and unique story with just enough quirk to make it enjoyable. I'm really, really hoping that there's more to come from this triad.


*A copy of this book was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*