When you wish upon a star...makes no difference who you are...

How to Wish Upon a Star - Eli Easton

***This was my sorta', kinda', almost buddy read with my cyberchild Josy and it was as always awesome fun with no sorta' ,kinda', maybe about that.***


It takes all kinds to make a world or even a small town and Mad Creek is no exception to that rule. Like so many others I am simply over the moon about this series. 'How to Wish Upon A Star' is about Milo and Jason. Opposites if ever there were any.


Milo is a sweet, loving Labradoodle. He's guileless and unassuming. Willing to provide comfort and care to anyone who needs it. But what he wants more than anything is a home a place where he knows he is loved and wanted. A place that has that one special person that he can belong to and who won't leave him. Milo is the type of person who loves with all his heart and he deserves to be loved back.


Jason unlike Milo guards his heart. He's buried himself in his research and the door to his heart is locked and barred. He doesn't need personal relationships. They're just an unnecessary complication, that is until Milo comes along and even then he's determined to keep him at arms length. Milo's just research nothing more.


I think I loved Milo before we ever really met him. Just the idea of him appealed to me. Ok, maybe Milo reminded me a bit of a young man I know so I had a very strong idea of what Milo is like of how wonderful it is to be around someone like him. How good it makes a person feel. Yeah, I know what it's like to have a Milo in your life, so loving Milo for me was a given. I knew that was going to happen.


What surprised me was how much I came to like Jason...not at first, mind you. Although I did feel sorry for him. I found it hard not to. He had himself so closed off from the world and not just from the people of Mad Creek, people who would have accepted him and understood him. If he'd only let them, but he closed himself off from everyone. Jason was convinced that all he needed was his research and somehow in that, what I saw was his loneliness and that made me sad. I loved watching Milo and the people of Mad Creek poke and prod at Jason's barriers until they'd worked their way through every one of them leaving Jason with no choice but to rejoin the world and risk his heart not only by loving Milo, but by allowing himself to care about so many other people...Matt, Roman, Lucas, Tim, Little Molly and maybe even Lily, which would really be a toughie because Lilly just irritates the hell out of me. She's got a heart a gold and the mind of a busybody.


Jason and Milo have a lot to do before they can have their happily ever after though because all is not well in the town of Mad River. People are getting sick and because of the town's secret they can't let the outside world in to help. So it's up to Jason, Milo, Tim, Matt and Bill McGurver the town's doctor/veterinarian  to figure this out and time is not on their side.


'How to Wish Upon a Star' for me was a sweet, fun story about what happens when one sweet Labradoodle makes a wish on a good star and then meets one obstinate scientist who's forgotten that stars are good for wishing on and that chemistry doesn't just happen in test tubes.