Sometimes judging a book by it's cover isn't a bad thing...

The Bridge - Rachel Lou

If you think being a regular teenager is hard then you should try being Everett Hallman. Everett's a witch and not just any witch he's a Bridge Master, he has the ability to help the dead crossover from the land of the living to their afterlife and in spite of the fact that his powers don't seem very strong they're unique and more than one person is interested in his powers and maybe even just in him. Things are starting to get a little strange in Everett's life. Weird things are happening with his powers and then there's Bryce, the cute guy at the marshal arts studio whom Everett likes and who seems to like him back. Now if he could just figure out what's up with him and the weird things that are going on around town.


'The Bridge' is first time author, Rachel Lou's entry into the world of young adult fiction and to say the least it's a pretty impressive offering for a first novel. While I'm not new to the world of YA. It's admittedly not my usual playground, but this book captured my attention with it's unique twist on the paranormal.


Everett is quiet introverted young man, who's more comfortable with books than people and Bryce is a happy extrovert who seems to have an abundance of self confidence and a definite interest in Everett. I enjoyed both of these characters and was impressed with how much their reactions mirrored those of an average teenager especially when interacting with each other. I liked the slow but steady way that their relationship progressed with both of them exhibiting bits of insecurity and nervousness at different times throughout the story.


Everett's struggle to exert his independence while still maintaining his relationship with his grandfather (whom he lives with and something that we learn about in the first few pages of the story) was a constant challenge for him and something that as teenagers most of us are able to relate to at one time or another. At the same time Bryce has his own very different family challenges to face and both of these young men have things they are keeping from each other. Things that will need to be shared if they are to have the relationship that they both seem to want.


The connection between the personal relationship that Everett and Bryce are trying to develop and the paranormal events of this story are very strongly connected and the balance that the author maintained between them was impressive. 


From start to finish this was a well put together novel. Let's start right at the cover...I love this cover and after reading the book I totally understand why it was chosen, I know there's no bridge but trust me even if there was it wouldn't have made the cover more suited to the story. Next editing anyone who's read my reviews knows that editing is a pet peeve of mine well honestly if there were any editing mistakes in this they were minor and had no bearing at all on my ability to enjoy this well crafted story.


And my absolute favorite thing about this book was the lighter moments threaded throughout the story, many of them involving my favorite character, Everett's familiar who to say the least was not your typical black cat...actually he wasn't a cat at all and nope, I'm not giving away that little treasure you'll have to read the book to find out what his familiar was. 


***A copy of this book was graciously provided by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review***