Good in theory but missed the mark in execution...

Blood Visions - V. L. Hamlin

Ronan Bayne use to be a cop until he realized that there are evils in this world that the law doesn't want to acknowledge but that he needs to stop. That was when Ronan left the police force and started his own paranormal P.I. service. 


Dustin McPerson is psychic, he's the real deal. He gets vision and he wants to help people. He's helped solve cases in the past and since he doesn't get a choice about what he sees or when. He makes the choice that when these visions happen he's not going to ignore them. 


Their paths cross when the police hire them both to consult on the same case. There are women going missing and Ronan's old boss wants this case solved. He knows Ronan will do the job and when Dustin is brought to his attention he persuades the two men to work together. 


Ronan believes in psychics he's just not sure he believes in Dustin's abilities. Initially these two men form a partnership that is based on a mutual desire to solve the case and keep any more women from going missing. But once Ronan becomes convinced that Dustin is the real deal his biggest challenge becomes resisting the temptation to give in to his attraction to the a purple haired goth psychic. While Dustin needs to get past Ronan's regimented by the rules attitude before he can break down Ronan's barriers and finally get to the man whose piqued his curiosity.


I liked that the partnership between these two was something that didn't come instantaneously but rather something that both men had to work at. The fact that in spite of his abilities Dustin has no real experience with the paranormal world was a nice twist to the story line. As was the background of both of these men. Each of them come from a background that has not been filled with happiness or a lot of kindness and love but the reasons are entirely different and the ending of this story was for me good in that the mystery part of it was believable and in many ways well played out as was the personal relationship between Ronan and Dustin. We were given a very solid HFN with a strong leanings towards a HEA.


What didn't work for me at times was the writing. It was occasionally stilted and awkward and lacking in real emotional depth. When Ronan and Dustin finally got together I wanted to feel their emotion and passion and I just didn't which made it hard for me to really buy into their relationship. It's not about the sex and how much or how graphic. It's the emotions involved. I've read books where a simple kiss has had me heading for a cold shower, while other stories have left me wishing there was some fade to black involved in them because I just wasn't interested. 


The same with the scary stuff, I wanted the paranormal creatures in this story to scare me. They were suppose to be scary. I need to feel that not just be told it and again I just didn't and truthfully I'm pretty easy to scare when it comes to this stuff but telling me something is scary isn't the way to do it. Draw me a visual picture with words, give me the goosebumps, don't make me go looking for them. Make me gasp with horror when the bad guy appears otherwise it's just not going to happen for me and I'm moving on. 


So while this story was good in concept and idea, it fell short on some of the delivery. I'm not saying I didn't like it after all 3 stars, there must have been something I enjoyed and there It was the stuff in between that broke up the flow taking me away from the better moments and feeling like I'd been shortchanged.




A copy of this book was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.