And yet somehow, I want more...

My Busboy - John Inman (Fi

'My Busboy' is the second book that I've read by this author and while I loved 'Shy' for me this one was just ok.


This is the story of Robert Johnny an author who seems to be experiencing  a bit of writer's block. With his 30th birthday on the horizon, his friend Chaz, who apparently seems to be suffering from a case of unrequited love for Robert decides that they need to go out to dinner to celebrate this auspicious occasion. It's at Robert's favorite Mexican restaurant that we encounter the incredibly beautiful Dario.


I say incredibly beautiful because Robert spends most of the book telling us how gorgeous and sweet and nice and attractive and beautiful and sexy and on and on and on Dario is with his cognac colored eyes and acorn colored skin and dark, silky lustrous hair and on top of all this he smells good too.  Yes, this was probably my strongest point of contention about the book. I got it Dario was incredibly attractive, I had this figured out after the first 4 or 5 times I'd been told, what can I say apparently I can be a little dense at times you'd think I would have clued in after the first couple of times but nope, I'm going to claim it took 4 or 5 which only leaves me to wonder how many times other people need to be told because seriously there are considerably more references to Dario's unparalleled beauty. 



Ok, enough about Dario let's talk about the other things that kept this from being what I believe was a story that had the potential to be awesome. Robert's age, yep, the man turned 30 not 40 or 60 or 100 just 30. Dear god Robert get over it and move on with your life before it passes you by and you suddenly find you are 60 or 100 and by the way 60...not so old either, of course I say this as someone who's fast approaching this digit. This combined with the fact that he perpetually kept obsessing over Dario's age which was 21. Ok, I freely acknowledge there was a significant age difference difference, but not an unparalleled one to be sure. Hell my dad was 11 years older...never mind bad example. Still 9 years if you really care about the person just accept it or end things and move on...stop whining about what can't be changed. 


Next we have the whole friendship with Chaz. The guy is in love with Robert or more like he wants what he can't have. Robert and Chaz have hooked up in the past and the magic just wasn't there for Robert and in his defense I do believe he's made Chaz abundantly clear on this issue, however, he does like Chaz as a friend and he values the friendship. Unfortunately Chaz has a bit of trouble dealing with this, however, there comes a point in the story at which for me it became abundantly clear that Chaz's 'unrequited love' really was more a case of 'I just want what I can't have' and that's all I'm going to say on that topic other than I actually enjoyed this part of the story. 


Now let's talk Robert and Dario. For the most part I have to admit I found Robert to be borderline obnoxious, I just didn't warm up to him at all. I did however, like his cat, Clutch. That's right the cat's name was Clutch, if there was an explanation for his name, I have to admit. I missed it but I liked Clutch. He had definite personality as most cats do. Dario was in fact a sweet young man and he was by no means a pushover or any kind bimbo or gigolo. He was in fact an intelligent young man who was attending college and working towards a degree in Veterinary Medicine, so definitely not a gold digger either. While there were moments when Robert and Dario worked for me and I could see them as a couple there were times as well that I just didn't feel the love so the relationship for me was a hit and miss thing. 


The only other issue that I had that was a bit of a WTF moment when "we interrupt this story to bring you a personal service announcement about why reviewers write bad reviews and the merit or lack thereof, of said reviews." Insert PSA here...we now resume our regularly scheduled story. In truth there were portions of this that I actually agreed with, things that I could care less about and things that might have been left out and/or added in, but most importantly it played no integral role in the story and furthered nothing for me.


Ok enough about what didn't work let's look at what worked. First off let's start with that cover...visually very appealing. Now moving into the actual book. There were definite moments of the humor that had so enchanted me when I read 'Shy' I laughed and while I love serious, angsty, over the top drama, tearjerkers. I also love it when an author makes me laugh. I liked the overall story and plot as well as the love story between Robert and Dario there was a mystery going on, Robert has a stalker and this was the part of the story that I enjoyed. I managed to narrow who it was down to 3 possible suspects and while I'm fairly certain that these were suspects that the author wanted to lead me to and I may have leaned strongly towards one or two of them. It wasn't until the very last moments that I became convinced of who the stalker, well done on the mystery for me also although things are pretty much concluded for Robert and Dario as far as I'm concerned Mr. Inman did leave me with a couple of characters whom I would love to read more about.


So, was the book a huge success for, not really and yet I'm left saying that I want more from the author about a couple of secondary characters who were in the book and this really impresses me since I honestly don't remember the last time, if ever, that an author has gotten me to want more from something that I didn't overly enjoy in the first place.



A copy of this book was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.