Holy crap!!! If you love THIRDS you need to read this book...

Smoke & Mirrors - Charlie Cochet

So first he did...and then that happened...while they went...and then someone said...and they found...and he was...while no one knew...then they discovered...and he took...and that made him so angry that he...and everyone was...while he was so hurt and couldn't...and they all had to...silly kitten, of course I'm not really going to tell you what happened, where's the fun in that...but...


I will tell you how amazing this book was and that if you want to read this one and truly appreciate how awesome it is in the scheme of things you absolutely have to read the first 6 books in this series there's just no other way to do it...ok, there are the audio books but still it's the same end result. No matter how you look at it, 'Smoke & Mirrors' is not a standalone story. What it really is, is the story that fills in a lot of the blanks. It's the missing link so to speak. 


If you happened to read my review of the last book 'Catch a Tiger by the Tail' or probably that of more than a few other people who read book 6 in this series than you know we were left hanging onto one hella' scary cliff by our fingertips. Thankfully Ms Cochet picked up with this book right where 'Catch a Tiger by the Tail' left off but where she took us from there was on an incredible journey of adventure and discovery.


Throughout this series there have been so many questions that have been leading to this story. Questions about Dex's parents, about the first gen recruitment center, the recruits themselves and first gen purebred Therians, etc., etc. and while I'm sure we by no means have all the answers 'Smoke & Mirrors' definitely took a huge step in the direction of giving us answers, but, not all of these answers were easy for our MCs to deal with. Boundaries were pushed, relationships were tested, things weren't always what they appeared to be and when everything was said and done some things were never going to be the same again. But different is a word with a very fluid meaning. It can mean different as in for the worse or different for the better or maybe, just different as in not the same as it was. 


I have enjoyed this series so much each book has been a fantastic story filled with mystery, suspense, adventure, love and passion making it really hard for me to choose a favorite. I do however, feel that 'Smoke & Mirrors' has become one of the most integral books in the series because of all the connections from the past and going forward that it brings together. For me this book feels like a turning point in this series and while I'm not exactly sure what direction Ms Cochet is going to take the series in I do know I'm definitely going to follow. 



An ARC of Smoke & Mirrors was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.