I'm a little late to the party on this one...

Strong Signal - Megan Erickson, Santino Hassell

...but still so glad I came. I've read books by both of these authors and loved them so when I saw that they'd done a collaboration on this I knew it was going to be a winner for me.


Seriously if you haven't read these authors you need to fix that as soon as you're done reading about how awesome this book is.


Garrett fills his free time with on-line gaming until his latest and last deployment overseas is done and that's how he encounters Kai Bannon an on-line gamer who has turned his hobby into a his livelihood. In the world of gaming he's a celebrity and he's cute, charming, full of fluid graceful movement and just generally oozing charm.


What starts as an on-line rivalry quickly becomes an on-line friendship morphing into something deeper and stronger between these two men. Garrett has dreams of meeting and finding a happily ever after that he'd really never thought a guy like him could hope for. Kai wants Garrett and he's more than willing to climb him like a tree. He just never really believed that they'd meet or he might have considered mentioning that pesky little case of social anxiety disorder that he has...the one that gives him panic attacks. Lucky for Kai, Garrett's patient and he wants his man and is pretty determined to get him. 


There are not enough words to explain how adorably cute I think Kai is or how strong and feisty he is as well or to explain how much I melted at Garrett's patience with and growly protectiveness of Kai. 


Seriously for a good portion of the book these two men were geographically half way around the world from each other and yet the steam was better than a sauna and when they finally got together I'm pretty sure a couple of my e-reader circuits fried. I know my brain circuits definitely melted a little...or a lot. 


But have no fear in spite of all the steamy, sexy times the story did not get lost. From start to finish this story held my attention and delivered and let us not forget that finish, the one that works so well because we're left with two men, in love and finding the compromise that helps them crate the future together that they both want.


Like I said 'I may be late to the party but I'm so glad I came.' and now it's time for me to go...on to the next book and hopefully it'll be a 'Fast Connection' (yep, I totally did that on purpose). That's it ladies and gents, awesome book, I highly recommend it and these authors.