Mmmmmm....muscle cars and men!

Running Hot - Yolande Kleinn

Kurt may know his cars but he definitely needs to fine tune his senses when it comes to men. Kurt and his twin sister Lena run a successful auto repair shop and that may even be why Sloan started bringing his cars there to be repaired but it's not what's kept him coming back.


Sloan may love his muscle cars but what's got his motor racing is the sexy mechanic who owns the garage. Problem is said mechanic thinks it's his twin sister that Sloan's after and much as he'd like to take Sloan for a test drive he doesn't poach especially from family. So for Kurt, Sloan is strictly off limits.


It takes a wake up call from his sister after he tells her about Sloan kissing him to make Kurt realize that opportunity knocked and he may just have slammed the door in it's face. Thankfully Kurt knows how to find his way back to that door and he's more than willing to knock and see if the door's been locked or if he can manage to re-open it for a second chance at the man who starts his motor running.


My favorite part of this story was the cars, especially the 1970 Barracuda that Sloan wanted to restore. Don't get me wrong I liked Kurt and Sloan and they made a  cute pairing but growing up with 4 brothers one of whom ended up being an auto mechanic and all of whom shared a passion for cars, there was frequently more than one muscle car parked in our yard and ironically my favorite was my oldest brother's Barracuda. So this turned into an enjoyable trip down memory lane for me.


'Running Hot' was a short story about two men with a common attraction to cars and an even stronger attraction to each other add in some steamy sex and a side helping of car nostalgia and it all made for one sweet read. 




An ARC of 'Running Hot' was graciously received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.