It's not the light that will get you, it's the darkness that you need to fear...

Poison Tongue - Nash Summers

This one is going to be a bit of a challenge because I read my friend Jewel's review and honestly it's one excellent review, so I totally encourage you to check it out as well either on GR or on My Fiction Nook.


Interestingly enough Jewel went into this because the story sounded good and she wanted to give the author another try while I went into this because I like the author and I was  curious to see if I would like this book because I don't do scary, creepy paranormal my idea of paranormal is Kelly Armstrong and while she may have shifters and witches in her stories they're not what I would really call scary and while this one may not have had me peeking behind shower curtains or cautiously into closets I can guarantee you there are no swamps in my future or abandon houses or late might walks. 


'Poison Tongue' walked that edge for me that was just on the other side of my comfort zone and it held my attention from start to finish. Once I started reading this there was no going back and no stopping.


The relationship between Levi and Monroe started with a very slow burn but it held an intensity that had me squirming in my chair at times. Practically from the minute these two men met I crossed my fingers, held my breath and prayed for things to work between them. 


Levi's family is loving and supportive and interesting and unique to say the least. Being gifted is a family trait but how those gifts manifest is as unique as each individual. Levi can see a person's soul and he's drawn to the darkness. It calls to him like a lover. His sister, Silvi sees ghost, his gran could see the future, his mom does readings, can cast spells and senses things and then there's Ward. Levi's best friend who lives with them, he's Levi's soul and Levi is his heart. Their bond is strong.


Monroe's past is dark and filled with pain. Coming back to his hometown has been a difficult and painful experience but it's brought him Coin who is one awesome and fiercely loyal dog and in spite of the the fact that being near Levi seems to bring some kind of darkness and pain upon Levi, Monroe can no more stay away from Levi than Levi can stay away from him. Monroe's cursed and Levi sees the snakes that manifest as the darkness around his soul but he also sees the spark of gold that's there still struggling not to get extinguished. It's the dark that draws Levi to Monroe but it's that spark of gold that makes him fight for Monroe's soul.


This story was so beautifully drawn out each word leading us to where the author wanted us to be. Showing us a world beyond what the eye can see. 'Poison Tongue' is the first book in Nash Summer's series 'Afflicted Souls' and this series may be a little step on the wrong side of the my comfort zone line but the author tells a story that makes me not care and want more. So yes, I'm a fan and sign me up for whatever comes next.



An ARC of 'Poison Tongue' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.