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Night Wars Collection (The Night Wars) - Sophia Beaumont, Missouri Dalton

Ok, truth is I'm on vacation and the internet service here sucks but I'm trying folks. I am seriously trying...ask my husband I have probably tried his patience to the max and he's a pretty patient fella' and it's courtesy of him that I'm going to be able to get this one done. I'm pretty sure it's took me longer to be actually get this review written than it did to read the book which really is sad because I enjoyed the hell out of this book.


'The Night Wars Collection' is a compilation of short stories from the Night Wars series by Missouri Dalton and Sophie Beaumont. While it's been a while since I read this series the one thing I definitely remember is that I loved it. I first stumbled across the Night Wars series back in 2013, I read the blurbs and promptly bought the books without hesitation I jumped in and devoured them one right after the other. So reading this was a no brainer and if I had the time I'd would happily re-read the whole damned series.


If you've read the Night Wars series than you've probably read a few of these stories already and if you haven't then you might want to check out this book out before going into the series. While the characters are from the series the events of these stories don't seem to be directly connected to the main books even though some events are eluded to it's done without involving any real spoilers from the series so I'd say all in all this is a nice little intro to the series and it's characters as well as the authors.


While I still have a couple of Ms Dalton's books to read, I have to admit I haven't read 'The Spider's Web' which seems to be Ms Beaumont's contribution to the Night Wars series so far but her story L'lle des Saeurs, which features the characters from her book definitely has me giving strong consideration to remedying that over sight.


By the time I was done reading this collection of stories I was definitely wanting more Night Wars, so needless to say I am hoping that after nearly 2 years of nothing 'The Night Wars Collection' is Missouri Dalton's way if saying she's back and has brought the world of The Night Wars with her.