Can 'Be the Air For You' pass the test of time...

Be The Air For You - T.A. Chase

I first read 'Be the Air For You' back in 2010 and back then I gave it 5 stars. 2010 for me was early days of reading M/M and I really liked the story and 6 years later what I've discovered is that I still really like the story but what took this from a 5 star read 6 years ago to a 4 star read now was simply years of reading experience that has changed my personal taste. Specifically where I loved the story as it was 6 years ago the me now would have loved a longer story with more of the background between Rod and Hawk rather than just the few indications that are given in the story.


'Be the Air For You' is a friends to lovers story between rock star Rod Hannah and his lifelong best friend Hawk McLoed. Hawk's been there for Rod since they were kids. He's been his friend and his support through it all good, bad, highs, lows and everything in between and over the years Hawk has quietly loved his friend never letting the true depth of his feelings be known, while Rod has quietly returned his feelings loving the one person that he can't imagine not having in his life.


Everything changes for these men when Hawk is faced with a crisis of his own and realizes that if he's ever going to act on his feelings for Rod it needs to be now. 


I loved the relationship between these two men. It wasn't insta-love or love at first sight this was a life time of love finally acknowledged. When Hawk let's Rod know that his feelings are shared. Rod maybe scared of losing his best friend if things go wrong, he may be confused why things are changing between them now, he may be a lot of things but what he's not is stupid. He loves Hawk and letting him go just isn't an option.


Did I enjoy 'Be the Air For You' less than the first time I read it...a little bit because I wanted more.


Am I sorry I re-read, it was still a sweet, friends to lovers romance.


Was the story now vastly different from the original, the only notable difference between the story from 6 years ago and now was the publisher and the cover, I cannot lie the original cover was much more visually appealing.


Did either the new publisher or cover factor into my current, covers and publishers are of no consequence to me when I'm reviewing a book. This one was purely a matter of personal taste having changed. 


While I would have liked more story I still very much enjoyed this version and re-reading it was definitely a pleasure. If anything the fact that my only complaint after 6 years and many, many more books is that I need more of this story only tells me that when it comes to the test of time 'Be the Air For You' has passed.



A copy of 'Be the Air For You' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.