New to me authors can often be a good thing...

The Mystery of Nevermore - C.S. Poe

Before I get into the details of why I actually loved this book so much let's just take a moment to admire the pretty cover because it's a big chunk of the reason why I decided to check this book out. It's not over the top or incredibly colorful it's just quietly subtle and once you read the book you realize it's very appropriate to the story. So overall it's a cover that does it's job and a little extra. See that guy the one right there on that cover that I'm babbling about he's totally Sebastian Snow...seriously I could maybe google around and find someone other pictures but I'm betting they'll still look like that guy on the cover. Ok, I'm done with my little tribute to good covers.


Like others who have reviewed this book I'm going to comment on what we'll call 'The Adrien English' influence. Yes, I noticed fairly early in the book that it was reminiscent of another series that I truly love Josh Lanyon's Adrien English, however, 'The Mystery of Nevermore' was also it's own strongly unique story. I'm not going to bother with a list of what was similar and what was different because I think that's something that each reader needs to decide for themselves. I'll also add here that I tend to read the author's dedication in books to see who maybe influenced or inspired them while they were writing that particular book and I think it removes a lot of doubt as to who C.S. Poe was inspired by...

For Josh, the Master of Mystery.

You gave me the courage to find my voice again.


Now let's discuss why I gave this book 4.5 stars because i kid you not the cover had nothing to do with it. I just really liked the cover but that works well because I really, really liked this story. So much so that I am more than anxious to read what comes next and since this is the first book in a new series by a new to me author there is definitely more to come right? 


C.S. Poe is a new to me author and from the looks of things a new to publishing author as well, which really excites me because I'm hoping that it means she has a whole bunch of awesome stories to share with readers like me.


'The Mystery of Nevermore' starts out with more time invested in the mystery part of the story than the romance which for me was ok, because I love a good mystery and this one definitely was and more importantly this is why Sebastian and Calvin meet. Much of what happens involving the mystery is related to the writings of Edgar Allan Poe one of America's most notable authors and a man whose life seemed to be shrouded in mystery. 


Sebastian Winter is the owner of Snow's Antique Emporium and the love interest of one very closeted cop named Neil, with whom his relationship is sinking the Titanic fast. When strange things start happening to Sebastian and other antique dealers around the city Sebastian suddenly falls under the scrutiny of Detective Calvin Winter. it's amidst the chaos of things falling apart between Neil and Sebastian and Sebastian's growing attraction to Detective Winter and all the general confusion of strange happenings and dead bodies that we see things end between Sebastian and Neil and heat up between Sebastian and Calvin and yes, even Sebastian knows he's jumping from the frying pan possibly into the fire but the heart wants what the heart wants.


I was delighted with the characters in this book. There was Sebastian's father a retired professor of literature and his dog Maggie. Max, Sebastian's employee at the antique store. Beth the bookstore owner next door to Snow's Antique Emporium and seriously folks I want to be Beth...I could be Beth we're about the same age and we both love  books what more do you need...oh, I have gray in my hair and I love cats...see I am Beth plus I could totally work a cat skirt. Then there's Neil, who I'm pretty sure was so far in that closet that he had his hand on the door to Narnia. He wasn't a bad person a little self-centered and self-absorbed maybe, no to mention that he just didn't love Sebastian enough to be what he needed and last but not least Calvin Winter. I really liked Calvin. He was brave and honorable and so much more damaged than Sebastian first realized, but most of all he genuinely wanted to be the man that Calvin needed. There were also a few other minor characters who added interest to this story but these are the ones that I feel we are likely to see in future books from this series.


While I may have had my suspicions about who the culprit was it wasn't until the author took me on a merry goose chase that had me squirreling from person to person until we got close to the end that I really felt sure. As for Sebastian and Calvin did they get their happily ever after...well, to me it was more like a happy for now with a strong promise of tomorrow and I like that because at the end of the day it's often all any of us truly gets.


I'm not sure when book 2 is being released but I do know I'll drop whatever I'm doing to jump into it and go on another adventure with Snow & Winter...oops, I almost forgot for those of you who might be wondering Calvin = hot, sexy, muscular GINGER!!!! with freckles...oh yeah, he's all that (I looked for him in a suit, honest I did!)




A copy of "The Mystery of Nevermore' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.