We often wonder about the one that got away, but what about...

Tart and Sweet (Candy Man) - Amy Lane

the one that broke your heart.


'Tart and Sweet' is the fourth book in Amy Lane's 'Candy Man' series and I honestly can't say that it's my favorite if you go by my ratings because I loved them all and gave them all 5 stars but if you make me pick...well then, I think I might have to tell you this one is my favorite. 


I have loved these stories from start to finish. Each one has been about finding love while finding yourself. It all started with Adam and Finn and here in book 4 it comes back to them in it's own way. 'Tart and Sweet' is the story of Robbie and how he betrayed the man he loved when he was in the army. 


Two years later and Robbie's trying to figure out how to fix things. How to make things right with Adam and to move on and make a life for himself and that's when he sees Cy. Beautiful, uninhibited Cy on the boardwalk dancing to the music. Robbie and Cy's attraction is instant and while insta-love isn't necessarily a favorite of mine it worked in this story because these two men had things to deal with before they got to be together. So in this case insta-love did not equal insta-HEA.


I really liked Robbie. To me he wasn't a bad person simply a good person who made a bad decision and acted on it. He made a mistake and I've always believed that we all make mistakes and it's how we fix them and what we learn from them that really matters and shows who we truly are.


While Robbie was attracted to Cy from the start he didn't let this derail him from what he felt he needed to do to make things right with Adam and to make his life the kind of life he wanted to live and not the life that he was expected to live by his parents, who of course want him to marry a good girl and produce their 2.5 grandchildren and have that house with the white picket fence...yadda, yadda, yadda. 


By the end of the story I couldn't possibly imagine a more perfect match for Robbie than Cy or for Cy than Robbie. Robbie saw the beauty of Cy not just his outer beauty but the beauty of his heart and soul. While Cy believed in Robbie and saw the man that was buried inside of Robbie a man who wouldn't make old mistakes again, a man who would stand beside and stand up for the person he loved no matter who he had to face.


Along with Robbie's story we got to spend time with all the characters from the previous stories including the awesome pets...Clopper and Jake and there's a trip to the animal shelter involving kittens one of them's a meesie I love meesies (Siamese if you're wondering)...maybe, that was a bit of why I loved this books so much...who knows. I just know that I couldn't stop reading and when it was done I wanted more.


I'm not sure if there will be any more trips to Candy Heaven but things have certainly been left on a sweet note for me.



An ARC of 'Tart and Sweet' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.