Ok, so I needed to wait a while to write this review because...

Tied Up in Knots - Mary Calmes

I was honestly too busy bouncing in my chair with excitement over this book. Seriously, from practically the first page all hubby heard my muttering was "Ohmygod!!! Ohmygod!!! I may die of happiness. Seriously if you can die of happiness I'm going to do this right now." and on and on it went. I think he's come to the conclusion that he can replace sex with a Mary Calmes book for me and I won't notice the difference. Now he just needs to figure out that it has to be Miro and Ian. I love all things Mary Calmes but after this book these two men top my list of M/M pairings from Ms Calmes.


Miro and Ian...yep, you can insert **moony eyes here**. I'm totally gaga over these two and this story...well, I just don't even know where to begin. This one just had it all. There was tough guy alpha stuff, guns were shot, people had knives and at one point I was left wondering 'if you're a cop and you pull over a car and the first thing that's said to you is 'I'm a US Marshal' what person in their right mind isn't going to say 'show me some ID' I mean come on common sense here and if that cop doesn't have common sense then I need to know 'who the hell gave him a gun?'...just puttin' that out there for the universe...and then on top of all this tough guy action we had Miro and Ian working through some pretty important relationship stuff. I know I'm being really, really vague here but come on do you really want me to give details and spoil things? I think not. It's Mary Calmes and if you love her books like I do you know you're going to read this, hell even if my best friend in the whole world told me she hated this and that I shouldn't read it. I'd just look at her with sad eyes and say 'oh, you poor confused kitten' as I wandered off to read this...well, I would if I hadn't already read this. 


Honestly I'm still bouncing in my chair thinking about this book and if I had the time I'd start reading it all over again right now. On top of everything else there were some fabulous cameo's in this book and some of them were surprising to say the least...yep, read the book I shall go no further on this one.


There was one little tiny niggle at the end for me and while I didn't totally buy into it, somehow it still worked with the story so 4.5 'YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK' stars for me because Miro and Ian and so much Mary Calmes awesomeness how can you not?


An ARC of 'Tied Up In Knots' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.