I love cute fluffy puppies...

Freckles - Amy Lane

Carter Embree is a lawyer stuck in a dead-end job that he hates...well, he doesn't actually hate the job, just who he works for. Carter's a lawyer with a conscience and with each day he's becoming more and more unhappy with what he sees. 


Sandy Corrigan's a vet tech who wants to a vet so at 33 years old he's working full time and going to school. 


These two men's lives collide when Carter ends up the unexpected owner of a puppy that he's told is a Chow/Samoyed mix so imagine his surprise when he find out that his Chow/Samoyed dog is in fact a Shih Tzu/Chihuahua mix...little bit of a size discrepancy there...lol!


I really enjoyed this story it was just a light, cute read. I loved Freckles he was a cute, little thing full of personality and as a small dog owner I was really able to relate to a lot of Freckles behavior and I'm going to add here as the owner of a small breed dog crates are not a bad thing. Dogs are denning animals and crates aren't a bad or evil thing but it does have to be right for both dog and owner. So while I can appreciate Carter's thoughts on crating because until the dog I have now I pretty much shared his sentiments I've also come to see that crating your dog is not a bad thing for some dogs it means feeling safe and secure when they have to be left alone or while they sleep.


I liked Carter with all his insecurities and quiet demeanor. Carter was also a reflection of the adage 'money can't buy you happiness'. He'd been raised in a home where money wasn't a issue, the best schools, successful parents. But what Carter really wanted was someone to share his life with someone whom he could believe in and who believed in him. 


Sandy was in many ways Carter's opposite. He'd grown up with a sister and a single mom. Things like money for college and nice homes weren't a possibility in Sandy's world. But Sandy wasn't one to let things like this get him down. He was confident and upbeat. He knew what he wanted and when he saw it he went for it. So when Sandy decided that there was more to Mr. Crazypants than meets the eye it was only a matter of time.


'Freckles' was a fun, sweet story of a romance that started because one man gave his heart to a cute, little puppy. I loved the slow build between Carter and Sandy and watching Carter figure out where his life was going both personally and professionally. This was a feel good story with little to no angst and lots of feelz to make you smile and a happily ever after that will keep you smiling.


So if cute puppies and warm fuzzy stories that make you feel good aren't enough to make you want this book then maybe the fact that 20% of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the Trevor Project give you that extra little push in the right direction. 



An ARC of 'Freckles' was graciously provided by the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.