Things just didn't quite work on this one...

Stranded - HelenKay Dimon

I was really excited about this one. I love a good mystery and if there's some steamy romance thrown in with it...well, all the better in my eyes. 


Kyle Cabe's last assignment was nearly the death of him...literally, he's done working as a gun-for-hire or he was until his boss hands him one last assignment. An assignment that has him heading for Alaska and a confrontation with the one person he never wanted to see again. Brax Hughes wants Cabe back and with a little luck, a good storm and someone gunning for them, he's hoping to get a second chance. 


This had all the makings of seriously intriguing story for me. Two men with a history forced to rely on each other to defeat an unknown enemy and maybe discover along the way if what they felt for each other is still there or if it died with a single gunshot nearly a year ago.


I was hoping for the awesomeness of Josh Lanyon's 'Fair Play', Tinnean's 'Spy vs Spook' maybe a bit of Abigail Roux's 'Cut & Run' or 'Sidewinders' many possibilities were running through my brain. Sadly it was not to be. 


'Stranded' was an ok story that just seemed to run out of steam in the mystery/suspense department. Maybe if it had been longer and there had been more development done with the characters and their background, the story behind what caused the separation between these two men was covered too briefly for me and what I got honestly had me wanting more...wanting it filled out and a bit more much potential was there.


As for the romance because the mystery/suspense part of this fell short and for me the romance was very dependent on this part of the story, it left that part lacking as well. The connection didn't fell as strong as it could have been. So when all was said and done this story was only ok with the potential to be so much better and it was the audio that truthfully helped save it for me.


Dorian Bane was the narrator on this one and in general I liked his voice. Overall he did a solid job with things and specifically I loved his interpretation of Brax. Brax's voice was deep and had a gruff, gravelly tone that just did it for me...yep, Brax can whisper in my ear anytime...I'll listen.


While 'Stranded' wasn't the awesome read that I was looking for I saw enough potential to make me want to give this author another try and 20% of the proceeds for this book got to the GLBT National Help Center so second chances are well deserved here. 



An ARC of the audiobook 'Stranded' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.