I wanted this to be better than it was...

Limitless (The Underground Club Book 2) - S.J.D. Peterson

Before I start trying to explain this one. Let's just take a minute to admire that cover. I mean seriously that guy is hot! Dark hair, nice trim beard, long legs all dressed up in leather and those abs? Seriously that's all just one yummy package. Ok, I might have spent a little time with this cover but can you blame me?


Now as for the book. I was really, really looking forward to this one. We were introduced to Nash and Joshua in the first book of this series and from the word go, I liked Nash. The guy just did it for me and Nash well he liked...no he wanted Joshua and he's the type of man who usually gets what he wants. What he didn't know was that when he got Joshua, he was getting one seriously messed up sub, but that's ok because once he found out, he didn't change his mind. He still wanted him, so needless to say I liked Nash even more.


We weren't really given a lot of info on either of these men in the first book and while this was their story I still feel like there's a lot more to know about Nash and Joshua, especially Joshua since this book was predominantly told from Nash's perspective.


I think I would have enjoyed this a lot more if there had been a bit more info about Joshua and more story from his perspective. He's one seriously damaged guy. He uses pain to escape from basically the world and himself. He uses the high he gets from the pain to keep himself from thinking too much. It's a dangerous game he's playing and one that could get him killed and almost has in the past.


Nash's responsibility as Joshua's DOM isn't just to help him establish safe boundaries. With Joshua, it's to help him find them and learn how to use them because Joshua doesn't believe in using safewords...he'd rather die. Joshua's past seems to be a melting pot of abandonment, abuse and neglect that I felt like we only ever saw tiny glimpses of given how messed up this young man is.


I had a harder time feeling the connection between Nash and Joshua than I did with the MCs in the first story and I think that was due in part to the fact that I just needed a bit more of Joshua's perspective to balance things out. I loved how much Nash cared and how hard he was willing to try and above all else I was grateful that while Nash used the D/s relationship that he and Joshua were trying to establish to help Joshua, it always felt like it was being done as an interim measure with the real goal being to get Joshua to willingly agree to seek the professional help he so desperately needs.


Nash knew that while he wanted to, and could, be the DOM who met Joshua's needs, he could only do that once Joshua was in a healthier frame of mind and that was something that he knew he wasn't equipped to deal with. The fact that he put so much time and effort into Joshua's mental and physical well being showed that Nash was definitely the perfect DOM for Joshua.


My biggest disappointment was the ending it was abrupt and it came just at the point when I was really starting to get into their story and feel a solid connection between these two men. I really needed more and I'm hoping that it'll happen in the form of another novel or even a novella, something to give these two the solid HEA they deserve and will have so definitely earned...especially Joshua. 


"Limitless" may not have been quite what I was expecting but I'm totally on board for more and I have faith that whatever didn't quite happen in this book for me is coming down the road so I have no plans to miss out on more Donovan and Seth or hopefully more Nash and Joshua and I have a sneaky suspicion that we haven't seen the last of Troy and only the beginning of Malcolm and a certain twink bartender named 'Conrad'...tell me that's not a story in the making? 



An ARC of 'Limitless' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.