‘A Family for Christmas’ it’s an awesome way to start the holidays...

A Family for Christmas - Jay Northcote

 and put a smile on your face. This one’s got it all family, love, the best holiday of the year, a pretty awesome dog and more than one epic cat…seriously one of these cats is named ‘Hardy’ and he’s a ginger…that’s right there’s a ginger…tabby cat in this story but still he’s a ginger and if you’re still holding out there’s more…


There’s Rudy, he’s shy and a bit nerdy. At 24 years old he may not a virgin but he’s pretty close.  His experience is limited to say the least, he’s just not a casual sex kind of guy, especially not now that he’s met Zac.


Zac’s the new guy in the office and Rudy’s got a crush on Zac. He’s hot and buff and keeps the world at arm’s length…or at least he tries to until a night out with some co-workers and a few shots of Tequila seem to lower his defenses and he lets it slip that he’s spending Christmas alone and Rudy’s right there to open the door for opportunity. He knows his loud, brash, loving family won’t object to one more mouth to feed on Christmas day so suddenly Zac’s spending Christmas with more family than he’d ever dreamed about having.


From start to finish ‘A Family for Christmas’ delighted me. When I started reading this it felt like I was opening a Christmas present. Everything started out interesting and intriguing and I just knew if I could get that gift wrap off…but without tearing it mind you because you don’t want to rip the pretty paper, right? Anyways, I just knew that inside that package was going to be the most amazing present and I was right because once I got that first layer of paper off it was the best present ever.


I got to share Christmas with Rudy and Zac and Rudy’s big ‘I love them all’ circus of a family, I got to watch Rudy and Zac as they danced around the Christmas tree going  from co-workers to something more that neither of them could really define, to two men in a full blown relationship. Both nervous and scared that they were going to mess things up but both wanting to try.


In spite of all their trepidation there was no angst or miscommunication or other sometimes frustrating contrivances. This was simply a sweet, lovely holiday romance with a beautiful ending that left me feeling good and wanting to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.


I love Christmas stories and for me ‘A Family for Christmas’ was damned near sheer perfection. If you’re looking to start your holidays with a smile and feeling good than look no further because ‘A Family for Christmas’ is just what we all need.



An ARC of 'A Family For Christmas' was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.