Color me shocked!...

Winter Oranges - Marie Sexton

I enjoyed the audiobook even more than the book!!!


I read this story when it came out last year and it was good...ok, for the most part my friends loved it. They 5 stared the hell out of it and I tried to quietly sneak in and say 'it was good...not great but good.' so I gave it 3.5 stars and rounded up to 4 because 'spirit of the season' and all that. 


I actually felt bad because a part of my brain could see that it was a better than good story but I just couldn't connect, it wasn't working for me no matter how much I wanted it to. Jason and Ben were ok. I really, really liked Dylan and still do. But the overall story just didn't give me the feelz...nope, didn't happen.


So because I'm a firm believer in second chances and because it kind of bugged me that I just didn't seem to get this one when the chance for the audiobook came up I figured 'what the hell, why not?' Now this is the point at which chances are good that I might be saying 'well let me tell you why not...', but what I really need to say is 'let me tell you why...'


Because it work...I'm talking seriously and honestly worked. I loved the audiobook. I got it, I connected with the story and yes, there were a few tears but I'm not going to say when or why, I hate spoiling things for others so I'm going to avoid that as much as possible.


I have to admit I'm still on an audiobook learning curve here but I am learning because before I asked for a copy to review I checked it out to see who the narrator was and I saw that it was Nick J. Russo. Well that was a point in the book's favor because I happen to really like this narrator. I checked out the sample on as per my friend, Josy's reminder from a less memorable experience...yes, even though I like the narrator, I still did this and then I went back and said 'Yes please I would like to listen to this audiobook.' and I proceeded to enjoy the hell out of this.


'Winter Oranges' is the second Christmas story that I read last year and have listened to the audiobook this year and ironically both of them have been narrated by Nick J. Russo. The first one was 'A Fortunate Blizzard' by L.C. Chase and at the end I enjoyed the audio book as much as I enjoyed reading the book and honestly I was really pleased about that, but the fact that I actually enjoyed this audiobook more than the story when I read it well...color me shocked! Here's the link to my original review from last year if you want to see how that went Winter Oranges, 2015 Book Review


I guess sometimes my inner child comes out in surprising ways because just like when I was a kid, I loved having this story read to me and Nick J. Russo brought the perfect voices to the characters. I was drawn into this story far more thoroughly than when I read the book last year and it showed because at the end of it when it came time to write this review I honestly couldn't do anything but give it 5 glowing Christmas stars.



An audiobook ARC of 'Winter Oranges' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.