Some things just weren't meant to be...

Lane's - Nash Summers

and in this case it's Maps and me. You know that moment when you're standing at the dock waiting for your ship to come in and you realize that not only has it sailed without you but you're at the wrong damned dock...yeah, that moment.


I'm sorry I tried and I just don't get it. All my friends love him and yet, try as I might, most times I'd have to say he just irritates me. I thought maybe after the second book I was starting to warm up to him but nope, I'm right back to the beginning and Maps is just annoying me.


Seriously I'm not saying don't read this book because all my friends loved it...Ele, Dani, Jewel, Todd, Sandra and on and on...until you get to me. I don't know why it is but when it comes to Maps, I'm broken. For some reason while everyone is thinking cute and adorable my brain is going "Thank god he's not my kid". Ironically there was a point in the book where I was pretty sure that his parents might agree to me. I've known a lot of parents with kids going off to college, myself included and none of them have ever encouraged their kids to go to school in Europe or Canada when the kid wanted to stay local and save them a ton of money...I'm just putting that out there for the universe to consider.


So why you might be asking did I give this book 3 stars? Well, for one thing it's well written. Just because the story doesn't work for me doesn't mean I can't appreciate the quality of it. I was going to just split it down the middle and call it a day but I have to admit I love the cover on this book and I'm bumping this one up to 3 stars because of the pretty that is the cover.


If you like stories with truly different characters in them...give this one a try because 'Maps' is nothing if not unique...unfortunately he's just not my brand of unique...what can I say except..."different strokes for different folks..."


I'm not sure if this is the final story for Maps and his friends, honestly for those who like him, I hope not, it really does seem like there's potential for a whole lot more...Maps is off to college...seriously that's a wealth of stories for anyone...for someone as unique as Maps it's a novel waiting to happen to be sure. So to Maps, I say "Good luck and farewell. I think I've gone as far on this journey as I need to."


An ARC of Lane's was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.