I loved the book and listening to the audiobook...

What Remains - Garrett Leigh

has only reinforced how much and why I loved this book. I first read this book back in June 2016 when it was released and it simply amazed me. From start to finish I couldn't get enough so when the audiobook was available for release I got out my grabby hands, how could I not? The narrator was Craig Beck whom I became completely enamored with when I listened to 'Between Ghost'.


While there was one tiny niggle with this book, for me, it wasn't enough to spoil the listening experience and maybe it's a case of it's me but I have to admit when I was reading the book I liked Rupert's daughter, Indie. She struck me as a sweet and precocious little thing who adored her dad and his boyfriend in spite of living with a spiteful, witch of a mother who liked to spew venom at every opportunity. Unfortunately, I found that rather sweet and precocious Indie's voice was a little irritating and I was glad that she didn't have a larger role in the story than she did.


I've only encountered children's voices in  one or two other stories and they were with different narrators and I found them just as irritating if not more...so you see...maybe it's me and in defense of all book narrators everywhere I really can't imagine doing the voice of a child to be anything less than challenging.


Children's voices aside I loved the audiobook for 'What Remains' and once again I was totally enamored by the narrator's voice. 


If you want to see my original review for the book (it's a long one) here's the link...

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Whether listening to the audiobook or reading for me 'What Remains' was a 5 star experience worth having.



An audio ARC of 'What Remains' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.