Well the vamp may be dead or is that undead?...but...

Channeling Morpheus for Scary Mary - Jordan Castillo Price, Gomez Pugh

The libido lives on and on...


So let's start this round  up with some full disclosure. While I do own the e-books. What I'm reviewing here are the audiobooks for what basically amounts to the first half of Jordan Castillo Price's series Channeling Morpheus. I was fortunate enough to attend GRL last October and it afforded me the opportunity to meet a number of authors among them were several whose writing I am particularly fond of and you guessed it JCP is on that list. So when I had the opportunity to listen to the first half of this series on audiobook...of course I grabbed it...I may be crazy but seriously...I'm not crazy enough to pass up an opportunity like this.


I'm an absolute Psycop addict but I've read and very much enjoyed other stories by this author. So I was definitely interested in this series...see ^^^above comment^^^ (I own the books). Now my only obligation here was to listen to the audiobook and I've done that, but I do apologize for having taken so long to get to them, I had certainly intended to listen to this much sooner, but as fate would have it or real life as it's otherwise known it did take me this long but Hey! Here I am!


I can't in all fairness say that I didn't enjoy the stories because...well...I did. I gave this series 3.5 stars for a rating and I'm going to say this was very much a subjective rating...there's a lot of sex it these stories...I mean seriously A LOT!!! and in all fairness I was warned of this by the author herself...thanks for that heads up by the way. I can't even say that I would have wanted less sex because honestly it was very much a part of Wild Bill and Michael's relationship dynamics...and there were some pretty steamy moments happening. But I would have really liked more story because this is one hella' interesting couple who manage to get themselves into some really interestingly bizarre situations. So yes, I will be reading the remainder of this series since to say the least I'm more than a little curious to see where the road leads these two.


Just a quick comment on the narrator Gomez Pugh. This was my first time listening to a book narrated by this particular narrator and I have to say I'm pretty damned impressed. I liked his interpretation of both Wild Bill and Michael...so much so that I have little doubt that when I read the remainder of the books Michael and Wild Bill's voices will somehow be very familiar to me.


So in summary what I got was a paranormal book with one hella' interesting vamp. I can't lie I really like Wild Bill and his considerably younger boyfriend who could probably give me some make-up tips. Some interesting and precarious situations that these two managed to get in and out of with their bodies...essentially in tact and some pretty hot and stress relieving bedroom activities that if you have younger or easily offended sensibilities in your home you might want to invest in some headphones before you listen to them. So that about sums it up...good times were had by all and I'm hoping to go back for more soon.