Even better the second time around...

Adulting 101 - Lisa Henry

I read the e-book for this one last summer and to say the least I really enjoyed it. Here's the link to the review I wrote at that time...my thoughts really haven't changed and it's kind of a longish review, so rather than re-post the whole thing I'll just hook you up and you can go see it if you're interested in the long version...

Book Review: Adulting 101

So what's different this time? Why, I listened to the audiobook, of course.


I'm actually rating this one just a bit higher because if anything I enjoyed this a bit more than I when I read the book. Nick J. Russo was the narrator on this one and he totally nailed it for me. Especially Jai's voice it was perfection. His Jai sounded exactly how I imagined Jai would sound. I honestly liked everything about the narration of this book Nick was excellent, as was Devon and well...everyone...


Ok so that gave me a little pause and I just did something I rarely do I took a second and changed my rating from 4.5 to 5 stars because I don't see any reason not to. I loved this story as my original review can attest to and I was totally into the audiobook. Plus I know when I go to post my review in certain other places I don't have 1/2 stars and I'm sure not going to round down on something that I enjoyed this much so really...what am I holding out for? Nothing. It's totally a 5 fun filled stars review on this one.


If you like audiobooks that will make you laugh out loud you seriously need to check this one out...it'll be the last serious thing you do until the book is done.  Along with the mind of an 18 year old male there's mythical, elf, unicorn dick involved here, how can you not want to find out more about that?



An  audio copy of 'Adulting 101' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.