I think it's time to move on...

Open Case - Mickie B. Ashling

This one actually started out on  a fairly good note for me. I was enjoying it. Some parts were a little bit blasé but I was finding more that I thought was cute and enjoyable. Plus bonus points for the restraint on the terms of endearment, either that or I'm becoming oblivious to them but let's go with a more moderate usage. 


I didn't even mind, that not since the movie 'Home Alone' have I encountered a more moronic villan than Owen. I'm sorry but seriously, he's committed arson x2, assault x2+, fraud, attempted blackmail, sexual assault, uttering death threats, kidnapping and those are just the highlights from the second book, 'Open House'. Yet this idiot is angry because his employer terminated him without getting his side of the story and he doesn't see that he's really done anything wrong because it's not his fault that he's done all these things no, it's Seth's fault...FFS! Are you serious? That's not deranged in my world that's deranged + stupid. Ironically this didn't really bother me because lets face it this happens in the real world, too. People commit crimes all the time that they don't perceive as being their fault. There's always some 'justifiable' (in their minds) reason why they had to do it. I was easily past the 70% mark in this one and it was looking good that this was going to be my favorite of the series and then it happened...I wanted to scream, to rage...ok, maybe I did a little bit, but hubby and the son are use to this...I couldn't stand it and I actually considered doing a dnf! At over 70%? No, I decided this was not going to happen...I would finish this book and I did...so, now you're wondering..."What? Karen, what in the name of all that's holy made you rage and rant? What happened?...well, you see this is where we have a problem because it was the ending...not, the epilogue. I liked it. The epilogue was actually kinda' cute and definitely sexy...there might have been manites involved...but I'm not telling.


No, it was the actual ending to the story the part that involved our TSTL villian named Owen and this is where my problem comes in because I refuse to spoil a book for someone even one that ended up not working for me, so I really can't tell you exactly why but there was a part of the ending that didn't work for me it was just incredibly unbelievable...to the point of irritation and frustration and spoiling what was probably going to be a solid 3.5 star read.


This is my fourth book by this author sadly two of them...not so great and two of them were just ok. I'm not sure that I'm going to go any further with this. Not every author is for every reader and I guess maybe this just isn't the author for me but there are a lot of lovely reviews for her books out there. So check them out what's a miss for me may very well be what makes it a hit for someone else.



An ARC of 'Open Case' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.