Josh loves Benji and Benji loves Josh...

Hot Licks (Off Beat) - A.C. Arthur

but still for these two there's something that's missing...something that's not quite right.


'Hot Licks' is the story of how Benji, Josh and Van each meet, it's how they struggle to form a unique relationship that finally gives each man what he needs and who he loves. This story also shows us each man's past and the heartache that has haunted each of them as they struggle to find the life they were meant to have.


Benji and Josh have been in an open relationship for a few years now. It's always been based on a 'one and done' premise...scratching an itch because their lives keep them on the road...a lot...and they don't always get to be with each other as often or in the way that they would like and it's worked for them or at least Josh thought it did...until Benji asked to close the relationship and Josh panicked and said 'no'...leading to their decision that maybe they needed to take a break.


That's when Benji met Van and they flirted...but, fate decided that nothing was going to come of it and Benji went back on the road with his band. Then Josh came to town and guess who he met...


Problem is Benji still loves Josh...Josh still loves Benji and they both still want to be together but turns out they both want something or I should say someone else as well. But Van...well he just doesn't do complicated and Benji and Josh are looking way to complicated for his taste...but none of these men seem to be able to move on from each other. So maybe they all need a bit of complicated in order to find a lot of happy.


I really loved this one. Yes, there was a lot going on but for me it was neither confusing nor overwhelming and it all came together to create a story about a love that, while it may not have been conventional, was right for these men and was what they needed to help them heal their hearts and move on from their past to create a future together that made them happy.


It's A.M. Arthur at her best giving us hot men with bruised and battered hearts who are looking for someplace...someone to call home. There's angst, there's drama, there's very, very sexy times and in the end there's an awesome HEA. 


Part of the reason that I enjoyed this one so much is because it brings together 3 of the characters who have interested me the most from the first two books in this series especially Van, needless to say I was more than happy to get his story. I've liked Van from the word go in this series so finally getting his story and seeing him get his own slice of happiness...well, that's no hardship at all. But I've also been more than a little curious about Benji and Josh too because truthfully open relationships are something that I've never been able to quite grasp. So I was curious to see how theirs would play out. 


Now, if all this has you thinking that you're getting a story about 3 gay guys who enter into a menage relationship...sorry, you'd be wrong. It's a little more complex and definitely a lot more interesting than that but you'll have to read the story for those details. While I would definitely recommend reading 'Body Rocks' & 'Steady Stroke', the first two books in this series this book does provide you with enough background that you could read it as a standalone.



An ARC of 'Hot Licks' was graciously provided by the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.