Can a divorce lawyer and a wedding planner find love...

The Secrets in My Scowl - A.E. Via

This was another awesome buddy read with my beautiful besties Josy and Christelle. I really enjoyed this one, but I'm a sap for that story where the embittered, heartless soul gets blindsided by love...yeah, I'm a hopeless romantic at the end of the day.


Jacob's a divorce lawyer and he's no fan of love. Unfortunately his life's been filled with heartbreak and disappointments so he's made the decision to keep the world at arms length while standing behind a brick wall and he thinks that he's doing just fine with this until he gets a new business neighbor...a wedding planner...seriously? Could there be a better match...I think not. This is not just any wedding planner either this is Wylde, who has a sister named Star and a brother named's a hippie thing, ok? 


Wylde is...well...he's...Wylde. He's almost perfect...I mean seriously almost Mary Calmes...Jory perfect, so if this is something that bothers've been warned, personally if it's done right I can totally get behind the idea. I did actually have one little issue with Wylde and that was this...

The biggest problem was Ken was bisexual. Wylde preferred to be with a gay man. Last thing he needed was his man to suddenly request a woman to join them in bed.

Seriously, Wylde. I expected better than this from you. Being committed to your relationship is not a gay, straight or bi issue, it's a personal for this I say shame on you.


Moving right along, as I was saying, Wylde is almost perfect...he's gorgeous, has a deep sexy voice that'll melt your insides (and let me just say I hope I get the chance to check this one out on audio) anyways, back to I was saying he's perfect and he wants someone to love but not just anyone. Nope, our Wylde is looking for Mr. Right, not Mr. Right-Now but one look at Jacob tells  him that in spite of his growly, scowly self Jacob may very well be that Mr. Right that he's looking for and Wylde just needs to hang in there and be patiently persistent.


Admittedly there were a couple of other things that niggled at my brain but whether it was my mood, the fact that this was a buddy read and so just a hella' lot of fun, or a little of both, they really didn't detract from my overall enjoyment of the story. The first thing being that there was a stretch in the middle of the book that left me tinsy weensy bit bored and that was Jacob and Wylde's dating/getting to know you phase, it just seemed a little blasé. Fortunately right about the time I was feeling a little wft? about it the story started to pick up and I happily moved on.  My other little niggle was the whole issue around Jacob's mother's disappearance and why she left...sorry, nope I just couldn't buy that.  She disappeared from Jacob's life when he was a teenager and now we're 20+ years later and she reappears and the reason we're given was just a big old 'nope' for me, I just couldn't buy it. Fortunately the story didn't really dwell on it for too long and once again I happily moved on with the story.


So overall it was 4 stars for the book and once again a big thanks to Josy and Christelle for sharing this adventure in reading with me. It was awesome as always ladies and I'll see you on the 18th at my place when we start our next adventure.


By the way  I found a song for Wylde and Jocob...

One Call Away by Charlie Puth (It played while I was doing this review and my brain and heart said this is one belongs to them).