Warning train wreck ahead...

Jumping In - Cardeno C.

But on the upside I've learned something about my self. I really, really hate writing reviews for books that I didn't enjoy. I know...I'm not alone. I've been procrastinating and putting this one off. Seriously did you know I have a million and one things that I need to do before I can get this done...ok, not really but I wish I did.


So here goes short version. In theory this sounded good, cute a nice feel good story about love at first sight...insta-love, whatever term you want to use. I was ready to settle in for a cute, feel good read that would leave me sighing happily and smiling. Sadly that did not happen.


In execution what I got was a story about a small town deputy who had the day from hell, crashed his ex's engagement party because even though he was sent an invitation he wasn't actually suppose to go, got drunk and honestly I don't blame him. If I'd had his day I'd have been heading for the bar as well. Then he ended up being taken home but the deputy mayor whose name was Hawk Black and let me just say we're not having this conversation because I've deleted it twice. Anyways, so Hawk Black who is the deputy mayor and laid eyes on Clint once then proceeded to close his business as a political and managerial consultant in DC and move across the country from Washington DC to New Mexico based on seeing a guy once to pursue him..."HELLO!!! Can we say STALKER!" and this is where the story went from cute and fluffy to a big old clusterf*ck of a train wreck for me. 


I needed not to know this...If dear, sweet Hawk Black had moved to New Mexico for the job and discovered that Clint floated his boat, I would have been all over this. I know it's just one  teeny, tiny, little detail but for me it's a biggy. It's the detail that took this from aaaahhhh!!!! to eeeewwww!!!! Because not only did he move half-way across the country to pursue Clint but he basically continued to stalk him and then picked him up when he was drunk under the pretense of taking him home but instead took Clint to his place to 'sober him up' so they could have copious amounts of sex...what-the-hell? Where's the relationship?


Ok so now that I'm over my little hissy fit about this story. I just want add that while this story obviously didn't work for me, I know it worked for a lot of other people so at the end of it all am I saying this is a bad story...no, it's simply not the story for me. I've read a few other stories by this author and I've loved them and I plan on reading more. This for me is a case of we all got the same words and just didn't read the same story.



An ARC of "Jumping In" was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.