Another audio success...

Winter Ball - Amy Lane

Once again I'm reviewing an audio book that I've already read in e-book format and once again in regards to the story I'm sticking with my original rating and review. So here's the link...Winter Ball - original review


Now as for the audio portion of this review. It was Nick J. Russo on the mic, so no worries there. Mr. Russo did an awesome job of narrating and kept me engaged from start to finish. I have very quickly become a fan of this narrator.


Venturing into audiobooks this time around has definitely been a far more positive experience for me and it is very much due to this narrator right here. He consistently gives me voices that work and are identifiable so that I'm able to effortlessly enjoy the story without have to do a lot of mental gymnastics to keep track of who's saying what.  


Since starting my foray into audiobooks I have so far listened to 18 different narrators on a total of 27 audiobooks of which 6 have been narrated by Nick J. Russo and I have enjoyed every one of those books so much so that I have listened to them more than once.


At the end of it all this was a total win for me...a really sweet story by one of my favorite authors and narrated by someone who has quickly become one of my favorite narrators. I highly recommend this one. It's a sweet story that's well narrated and I just can't imagine not enjoying it and being left smiling.



An audiobook of 'Winter Ball' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.