This is definitely not Puff the Magic Dragon...

On Wings of Thunder - M.D. Grimm

There's a dragon in my story!!! So you know I'm already a happy, happy girl...but damn, this dragon is HOT!!! He's big and black and has piercing blue eyes and if he says he's going to set the world on fire...than you can be sure things are going up in flames. I know I damned near did.


"On Wings of Thunder" was my first time reading this author and quite honestly they impressed the hell outta' me. Not only was there an amazing dragon in the story. A dragon who was suppose to be 'the bad guy' but we've got angels and while I like angels...I mean they're not as cool as dragons...or should I say hot. Since in this story it's the angels who are cold blooded...whatever, angels are ok, dragons are amazing!!! I have to admit while I'll jump into a dragon story without hesitation, I am usually a little more reserved when it comes to angels. I like my angels to be the angels of fantasy and not theology and happily they were.


Asagoroth was imprisoned by the angels but what no one knew was that he cast his own spell one that would eventually free him when the right time came. It is Trystan one of the 'unchosen' who unknowingly sets events in motion that bring about Asagoroth's freedom. The angels are ready to go to war and Asagoroth tells them 'give me the one who freed me and we shall leave you alone'. The angels refuse, but Trystan has his own ideas about this and he chooses to go with the dragon.


While the sex between these two was scorching hot and I totally approve. The one thing I do wish was that there'd been a little bit more story because what we got was awesome and I admit I'm being greedy when I say that I would have been willing to sacrifice a itsy, bitsy amount of the sex if it would have gotten me a tiny bit more story. Not because I didn't enjoy that part of the story trust me...I did, I was just really, really into this story and these yeah, it just comes down to "Please sir, I want more."...did I mention I'm greedy that way, when it comes to an awesome story?


This may have been a story about 'angels' and 'demons', but, what it wasn't was your typical...'angels good, demons bad' concept. There really wasn't a clearly defined good and bad here...more like a lot of misguided souls. People who believed what they were doing was the right thing but sadly their beliefs were also based on some bad information. This story was like catnip for me...dragons, demons, angels, fantasy, battles, love, passion...serious catnip here folks.


Add in Pavi Proczko, a narrator who totally rocked that dragons voice. Don't get me wrong I liked all of the books narration but the dragon's voice for me was absolute was deep, gravelly, filled with power and passion, fearless...see totally a dragon's voice, I loved it. This was also my first time listening to this narrator and I was impressed. I found that his narration of this story contained the elements that I've come to look for and enjoy in an audio book. The reading was well paced, his voices were distinct and consistent, they conveyed the characters emotions whether it was happiness, sadness, anger, passion, love, etc. The continuity of what I was hearing and how well it blended with the words of the story simply made my audio experience with this new to me author and narrator a total pleasure.


All in all I'm definitely putting this one firmly in the win category...awesome story, excellent new author and narrator. If you like fantasy and dragons as much as I do...check this one out. I think you'll be impressed.




An Audiobook of "On Wings of Thunder" was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.