This book...seriously...mind blown!

Misfits - Garrett Leigh

I've been sitting on this review for a couple of days now because I truly don't know what to say about his one. But I'm going to try and say something anyways because this book is to epically awesome to be ignored.


Tom and Cass have been together for a lot of years already at the beginning of 'Misfits' and they have what many would call an unconventional relationship. Neither man has any doubt how much they love and are loved by the other and truthfully by the end of this book I had zero doubt as well. However, Tom and Cass don't view their love and fidelity to each other as being tied to the physical act of sex and they both agreed that if they see someone they want to be with they can go for it. It's an open dance card for each of them. They don't have to ask permission each time or let the other partner know ahead of time. That's not how this works for them and they also don't keep their extracurricular activities a secret from each other either. So whether or not it's the type of relationship I'd have is immaterial and irrelevant. This works for them and just like in real life it's not up to anyone else to define what is or isn't right in another relationship and if neither Tom nor Cass consider this to be cheating than who am I to say differently.


When Tom meets Jake, he's fascinated by him and he knows he wants him. He's even fairly certain that this is more than a one night stand for him but it also doesn't change how much he loves and still wants Cass. Jake on the other hand wants Tom but he doesn't want to be the tuna in anybodies sandwich...or so he thinks.


I wasn't sure how this was going to work for me. One of my biggest issues with menage books is that I never feel the connection between all three partners. I may think partner A & B have a good connection or A and C but it's no that often that I feel the connection between all three or that I feel like A & B, connect as well as B & C and if they do than it's usually A & C who hold the weak link for me. While initially I didn't get all the connections here either at least there was a reason...they didn't exis...yet.


While Tom and Cass were an existing relationship and Tom and Jake's connection was a flash, bang. For Cass and Jake at the beginning it was not so much. They started as friends who had one commonality...Tom. Jake wanted Tom and not just for one night but he knew from the first mention of Cass that Tom and Cass were a thing and it wasn't ending and even if it was...he wasn't going to be 'that guy', so how to do this and not get hurt was a little bit unfathomable to Jake. What Jake didn't count on was see, Cass loved Tom and he knew that Tom's need for Jake went beyond the usual and that Tom had love to spare so he encourage it. He wanted Tom to explore this thing that was happening with Jake. He loved Tom enough that he was going to try and help make this work by becoming Jake's friend.


We often say that if you really love someone than it's their happiness that means the most to you and comes first. It's the strength of Cass and Tom's relationship that gives life to these words and makes this whole story work so incredibly well for me because of how their love supported and helped the bonds between them all to grow and develop.


Cass and Tom were soul mates with an established relationship and Jake's presence didn't threaten it both men were confident in their love for each other. Tom and Jake were a strong and instant attraction that only grew stronger with each encounter.  Cass and Jake started slowly going from being two men who shared their emotional connection with more than lovers and while the individual relationships developed I could also feel the shifting of things to create that bond that would take Cass and Tom from a couple with an open relationship to a menage of three men in love. 


I was very honestly astounded by how beautifully the relationship played out in this book. The depth of character and relationship development held such a natural and realistic flow for me. While each of these men is so individually unique and strong in their own way, they all share a common trait of wanting to be the one who took care of each of them and was there when they needed someone.


There are so many wonderful things to this story. Small subtleties that flowed and wove themselves together creating a visually rich story about three men finding love and creating an unconventional life together in a conventional world. 


'Misfits' is the story of three men never quite fitting in until they found each other and realized that fitting in isn't just about where it's also about who. Even if menage isn't your thing check this one out. I think you might be as pleasantly surprised as I was.


Garrett Leigh has to consistently surprised me with every story that I read. Creating characters who are interesting, unique and yet believably real. I'd say I can't wait to read the next book in this series but that'd be a lie because I've already read it. It's part of the reason why this review has taken so long to be written.