I think I'm done here...

Caldren - Caitlin Ricci

I was so excited about this story. It was Caldren's story and he's a brownie, which I admit just tickled me silly because when I was little I was a Brownie...just in the Girl Guide definition but still I liked that Caldren and I had that connection. I know my son will tell you 'I'm a dork' not a problem I gladly own this. Now...where was I, oh yes, so Caldren's a brownie and he's gone to Faeted to find himself a perfect match and Dyslander has sent him to Bannock because Bannock who's....you guessed it a dragon! is Caldren's perfect match...oh happy me...a dragon and a brownie. Could life be any better I asked myself and then I read the...story?


And this is where my world came tumbling down...for me there was so much wrong with this one so let's start at the beginning...the cover...it's pretty, I like it. The guy on the cover fit the image of Caldren and well...dragon!!! So this is good and now it's all downhill for me.


Caldren is about as exciting as watching paint dry. He's so submissive he makes me cringe. Bannock says drop your drawers and he does it, Bannock says jump and he doesn't even ask how high...now, I get that he's a fairy and it's sort of a part of who he is to be incredibly submissive but couldn't he be submissive and still have a personality? Just a tiny one? 


Speaking of personalities...we met Bannock in the second book...he kinda' kissed one of the MCs and at the end of the book he showed up at their place to apologize and I feel like maybe we saw a bit more personality in the Bannock that we met there than the one in this book because honestly he was kinda' milquetoast as well.


Now I get that we're not working with a lot of story here. My e-reader showed 35 pages. The story started on page 7 and ended on page 27 so that's roughly 21 pages. But truthfully that's about the same as what I got from the last book and I enjoyed that enough to give it 4 stars...so, I'mma thinkin' things could have gone a little better here because honestly what I got was 'Caldren goes to Faeted. Dyslander sends him to Bannock. The meet have sex...several times and they all lived happily ever after. The end. 


Sadly this one's settling in at 1.5 sad little dragon tears and I'm not sure if there's more to come for this series but I think I'm done here.



An ARC of 'Caldren' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.