There are busy books and then there's...

Dirty Games - Barbara Elsborg

'Dirty Games'...if you like books that are busier than a shopping mall at Christmas time...pull up a chair, I've got just the story for you.


I've read some books that have had a lot going on...I mean seriously a lot but I'm not sure any of them can compete with this one and I could tell you some of it but the problem some way at some point it all connects. Actually I could probably keep it a lot shorter by telling you what didn't happen in this one died...or at least I don't remember anyone, no I'm sure of it no one died. Pretty much every thing else is fair game...ok, maybe not EVERY thing...but damned close.


I truly don't remember the last time I read a book that had so many things happening in it. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this one. Would I want all my books to be this busy...oh hell no...not unless they come with their own roadmaps but this one worked for me.


I very much enjoyed the MCs and their interactions. Not that he didn't take life seriously but Linton definitely had a lighter side and was quick with a joke as long as you didn't expect him to use the 'L' word because that ain't gonna' happen...nope, nope, nope. Thorne was instantly drawn to Linton and his quick wit that couldn't help but make Thorne laugh. He loved that Linton wasn't afraid to call him on his bs and wasn't afraid to help Thorne keep his ego in check either.


Thorne had definite trust issues and when he felt his trust had been misplaced he was quick to anger and that anger held a definite mean undertone to it. But his anger was equaled by his love and desire to help the people he cared about.


There were some interesting and dare I say 'deserving of their own story' secondary characters as well...Linton's brother, Dirk. While Dirk started off as a jerk towards the end we were beginning to see a different and a far more likable side to him.


Thorne's brother, River. River is autistic and displays what I think is probably a very high intelligence level...dare I say potentially genius and I for one found him to be a very interesting young man. I would love a story for him if not his own book.


Josh is Thorne's best friend, one few who's not afraid to call b*llsh!t on Thorne when he gets to full of himself and one of the few people Thorne truly trust. Orlando is Thorne's agent and while we only get little glimpses of him, he struck me as yet another character with the potential for an interesting story. He's an agent and he seems to be one off the good guys who also seems to always be one step ahead of where he should is that? I'm just I said potential for a story.


There's also Nate and Owen. I'd actually like to see these two end up that'll require a book and of course we have our usual raft of bad guys, Max and Pascal, Owen's brother and Linton's ex...respectively neither of them deserving of more than a quick mention and let's throw in a few thugs and general bad guys just for good measure as well.


Initially I really wasn't sure how much I was going to like this because I was getting a little dizzy with everything that was going on but somewhere around the halfway mark things started to click into place for me and I found myself really enjoying the story and anxiously reading every chance I got to see what could possibly happen next.


If you can handle the busy, busy stuff than this one is definitely worth reading. It's very possible that this story could have been just as good with less going on but honestly I doubt it because at the end every thing seemed to be tied together in one way or another. So if you're a fan of stories with a lot going on and some really good characters, If you like your MCs to be sexy, funny, strong and slightly broken and did I mention some of what was going on was pretty freakin' hot? and if you can also handle having more than a few interesting characters sitting in the background trying to steal your attention, than...'Dirty Games' is a book that you need to check into.



An ARC of 'Dirty Games' was graciously provided by the author via Signal Boost Promotions in exchange for an honest review.