It's Mary Calmes, it's Mary Calmes...I love Mary Calmes!!!

Chosen Pride (L'Ange Book 3) - Mary Calmes

Yeah, I'm back with more Mary Calmes and this times it's on audio. I enjoyed this book the first time around when I read it...I truly did. But I've made a discovery as much as I enjoyed reading the e-book the audio book was just hella' good fun.


Here's the link to my review of the e-book...Chosen Pride - original review


So...lets see...I think we've established I love Mary Calmes, I've read this book and really liked it but the audiobook was even funner (yes, that's a word of course it is...ok, I just made it one)


Tristan James did an awesome job on this one for me especially with the voices of the MCs. First off he met my initial requirements of giving me voices that were consistent and conveyed emotion keeping me engaged in the story. But beyond that he gave me voices that gave life to the characters and we're not just talking people here these are shifters and I needed the voices to give me that something more that make me feel like I was being emerged in the world of the paranormal and I was.


John Slade is a lion shifter who for me is just beyond amusing. John's a lion shifter so of course this means he's a predator and pretty much at the top of the food chain. Nothing truly makes him feel threatened so at times he's pretty oblivious to things in his world like Sebastian the shifter who's wanted him practically since they met and John is so secure in his knowledge of his place of in the food chain that he doesn't even realize Sebastian is a shifter for the longest time. John's also stunningly gorgeous and given that he's a lion shifter...this makes sense. I mean really think about it lions are one nature's noblest beast and they are truly beautiful so logic for me says that a lion shifter's going to be beautiful no matter what his form...human or beast. I love that there are things about his world that John just takes for granted and it comes through in his voice and it's almost bland tone of confidence that some things are the way the are and that he knows it without being told. I was more than a little pleased and impressed with how well Tristan James conveyed the personality contained by this character and really helped bring him to life for me. 


I was also totally enamored with Kelvin MacCurdy's voice. His thick Scottish brogue was beautiful and totally curled my toes. While not as complex of a character as John. Kelvin is a man who is strong and controlled physically, emotionally and mentally. He knows his world and understands his place in it until John Slade comes along and makes him want more. I loved the emotion and depth that were brought to this character for me by Mr. James.


While I absolutely enjoyed the e-book the audio book gave this story a level of fun and enjoyment that was a wonderfully pleasant surprise and has me thinking that maybe I need to get the audio books for the first two stories in this series.



An audio book of 'Chosen Pride' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.