Attention: THIRDS Nerds it's time to get your Hudson & Seb fix...

Darkest Hour Before Dawn - Charlie Cochet

I was so excited to finally get to this one. Seb and Hudson have been floating around in the background since the very beginning of THIRDS and it's not secret that they have a history...a very strong history. So finally here we are at their story and in general I loved it.


I loved seeing more of Seb and...oops, here's where I ran into a surprise...I can't really say this was a problem because that would imply that it affected how much I enjoyed the story and ironically this didn't but I was surprised to find that part way through this I was a little less than enchanted with Hudson. Up until now I'd liked him but in 'Darkest Hour Before the Dawn' I felt like Hudson was being shown to us at times in a bit of a different light...he's got flaws. I mean really? Who knew? Hudson's not perfect and I have to say I was ok with this mostly because he did begin to see that the things that other people were telling him weren't meant to be cruel or mean but they were things that he needed to see about himself because like anyone he wasn't perfect and he wasn't always right. Seb had his flaws as well but thankfully when it came to Hudson patience wasn't one of them. I liked that by the end of it all both of these men were just like so many people. Not perfect just two men trying to do their best and be the best person they could for themselves and for each other. 


There were so many questions answered in this story and of course some new ones arose as well. Once again along with giving us another couples story Ms Cochet has added on to the bridge that's taking us from what was and what is to what's will be. I'm honestly not sure how things are going to play out but with the addition of TIN and the things that have been revealed in this book I'm pretty sure it's going to be one hella' good ride. 


As always the world of THIRDS is laced with humor and thank goodness for that. These guys deal with some seriously scary and messed up stuff in their day to day lives and if you can't find a reason to smile and laugh from time to time...well then, really what's the point? Life's too short to always look on the gloomy side you have to take your happiness where and when you find it.


I'm definitely anticipating all the things that are coming next for this amazing group. For me one of the best parts of any book in this series along with getting a new story that often involves a new couple is simply the fact that we get to see a bit of all the THIRDS family members and occasionally a new member or two gets added. I loved seeing more of Seb's parents and Rafe, can never have too much Austen. I was intrigued by Austen from the word go and I admit every book since I look for whatever little glimpse of him that I can get...his stories coming but we've got a ways to go before we get to it, so in the meantime I live for whatever Austen moments I can find and Wolf. Yes, we did find out stuff about Wolf this time around and I have to admit it was some pretty important stuff but there's more I'm sure of it and last but not least Dom. I definitely want more Dom. Ok, all kidding aside I just want more THIRDS. 



An ARC of 'Darkest Before the Dawn' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.