Well that was cute...

Joy  - C.S. Poe

'Joy' by C. S. Poe was a fun, cute read in the 'States of Love' series published by Dreamspinner Press and I really enjoyed it. No it wasn't an over the moon, turning into a puddle of goo story but reading it was no hardship either.


Truthfully I knew from the first sentence in this book that I was meant to read it. You see the first like in this story is...

THE FIRST and only thing I’ve learned about moose was that there was no right way to hit one.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with moose. You see I am probably one of the few Canadians, who doesn't live in a heavily populated area and has never seen a moose...zoos don't count. I'm talking wandering around out in the wild and I've been in areas where moose sightings are a common occurrence...seriously there are signs posted beside the road that say 'Moose Crossing' 'Watch for Moose', so I've decided there are no moose. My family has deemed that I'm in denial...whatever...there are no moose. So when I read the first sentence in this book needless to say my inner child was amused...what can I say sometimes it just doesn't take much.


I liked Gideon mostly because I could relate to him. I think we've all had days when it seems like even the simplest of things are suddenly monumental hurdles to overcome and somehow, someway couldn't something just any little thing be easy? Yeah, I've had those days so I totally understood how Gideon felt when he thought the only luck he had was bad and then there was Silas... 


I liked Silas and his quiet ways and his fussy eating habits, he reminded me of my kid when he was a teenager.


I think if I could have changed anything in this it would have been to have a little more story between the beginning of the story where Gideon and Silas first meet and Gideon did his 180 and decided that Silas was hot. For me this connection happened just a little to fast and I felt like just a tiny bit more story in here would have added to the believability of things. 


'Joy' may not have been a 5 star read but it was still cute and fun and I enjoyed Gideon and his moose adventures in New Hampshire.



An ARC of 'Joy' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.