This one needs to come with a warning...

Signs of Life - Melanie Backe-Hansen

'Cold showers required'...sweet lord, this was hot seriously, seriously hot...once you got past the heartbreak.


Let me just start by saying that whatever wasn't happening for me with 'Everything Changes' got fixed with this book. I loved it even if I was crying before the end of the first actually forget that I'm not sure I made it to the end of the first paragraph...

"The world wasn’t supposed to end on a day like today, a day when the sky was a brilliant blue and the sun was shining, the temperature so perfect and mild that the air felt… soft, caressing. It wasn’t supposed to end while children were playing in their front yards, free for the day from the confinement of school, laughing with joy, enjoying the innocent pleasures of childhood.

The world wasn’t supposed to end at all, not like this...."

Seriously when a book starts out this strong chances are you are not reading a book you are about to share an experience the kind that will touch your heart and soul, make you laugh and cry, possibly even take you apart and then put you back together again.


'Signs of Life' was all of that and more for me, from that first moment when Jeremy shared the worst day of his life with us until the final words on the last page or in this case until the last words spoken by the narrator since I listened to the audiobook. I became totally, willingly and irrevocably invested in this story, in these characters.


I loved everything about both Jeremy and Kai and Jeremy and Kai together were probably the hottest couple I've encountered in a very, very long time...maybe, since Ty and Zane...if not it's close. I'm not just talking about the sex here either, although no issues there that's for sure, but it was more than that. I'm not quite sure how to say this but they worked...their personalities, their passion, them just all felt right.


I loved the ending of this book it was just right Jeremy and Kai got their happy and there was an extra little surprise as well that gave us a peek at what was up with Jace and Carey from the first book not to mention I can't wait to get into 'Unquiet' the third book in this series and it's about Lauren, Kai's best friend. He was a good friend to Kai and I really liked him, but towards the end I felt a bit of sadness around Lauren...something incomplete in his life. So I'm looking forward to finding out what that is and hopefully seeing Lauren get his own HEA.


As I mentioned I got to listen to the audiobook on this one and it was a new to me narrator named Robert Nieman. I became a little concerned when I realized that the MCs had a bit of a kink...seems these boys like their dirty talk and while I'm not opposed, my concern was that sometimes my inner 12 year old comes out and the dirty talk has me giggling mainly because it comes off as being fake and stilted and just not like it's something that is natural for the characters to be doing...well, have no fear folks. Melanie Hansen knows how to write her dirty talk and Robert Nieman...well, he delivers. It worked and I mean worked well. I might have been squirming in my chair...a little. Ok, 'nuff said.


Overall I was more than a little impressed with Mr. Neiman. I loved his voices... for all aspects of this all worked really well. 



An audiobook of 'Signs of Life' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.