Start with a little murder, add some mayhem & mystery and stir in some heat...

Risky Behavior - Cari Z., L.A. Witt

it'll all make for some 'Risky Behavior and one hella' good read.


Andreas is a cop, a police detective...he just doesn't always play by the rules because sometimes the rules just get in the way of a good man doing his job. Andreas also works alone, he can't afford to trust a partner. Unfortunately we don't always get to decide those things. When Andreas boss decides he needs a partner someone to watch his back. Andreas is determined to see how quick he can get rid of him.


Darren's work hard to get his detective's shield and he's determined to do his job and do it well and if that means getting along with a partner who's got a rep and not a good one...well than that was just what would need to happen.


The plot for this story had so many smaller pieces scattered throughout but each piece came together to connect the bigger story. I loved reading this and gathering each of those pieces and putting them together to form the larger picture, just like a jigsaw puzzle.


While the romance is more of a secondary factor in this story that doesn't mean it's not hot and important...really, really hot and a strong part of the overall story.


'Risky Behavior' is a police procedural story with a strong romance unfolding in the background and this story was beyond awesome for me. I love mysteries/procedurals they're like the best kind of candy all tasty and yummy and good to the very last bite add in some well done romance and things become deliciously good...good enough to make me want more.



An ARC of "Risky Behavior" was graciously provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.