Knights don't always come with shining armour...

Jaeger - Evelise Archer

‘Jaeger’ is the fourth book in the multi-author series “Order of the Black Knight” published by Dreamspinner Press.


In general, I love that each book in this series is written by a different author it gives the reader a chance to discover new authors as was the case for me with ‘Gideon’ the first book in this series and now with ‘Jaeger’. I’m also very happy with the fact that while each book is based on the same underlying premise, it is also a self-contained story and can be enjoyed as a standalone story without fear of having missed relevant information in previous books.


I first read ‘Gideon’ several months ago and for the moment have by passed on reading the second and third books to jump into ‘Jaeger’. While I do intend to go back and read Matthias (book #2) and Vespar (book #3) it was good to be able to read ‘Jaeger’ and not feel like I’d missed anything.

Ok, so let’s talk about the book I just read…’Jaeger’. Jaeger Tripp is a US Marshall assigned to the Federal Witness Protection Program. He’s also getting a little burned out and thinking maybe it’s time to retire. But when his boss asks him to do one more job and guard Wren O’Riley, computer wizard and witness to a high-profile cartel hit he figures retirement can wait a while. Unfortunately, if the cartel has anything to say about it neither Jaeger nor Wren will live long enough to worry about retirement.

While Jaeger’s outlook in general tends to be on the cynical side. He’s seen more than enough of man at his worst to justify it in his mind. In many ways, this actually works for him given his career. He’s not a trusting soul by any means and it’s that lack of trust that has often kept him alive, but he is dedicated to his job which, at the moment, is to keep Wren safe for the next month until he can testify. He’s also not immune to Wren’s looks and his honest and trusting nature. While both men know they should fight their attraction to each other circumstances make it challenging as does their inexplicable desire to be with each other.


I really liked both Jaeger and Wren and found the fact that they were opposites in so many ways also made them compliments to one another giving balance to their relationship. While Wren was a bit naïve and trusting, I never felt like he was a pushover but he was smart enough to understand that when it came to keeping them safe Jaeger was the one with the knowledge and skill to do this so for me it made sense that he would listen to and follow Jaeger’s direction without question when their lives were threatened. Ultimately it was Jaeger’s inability to totally trust people that kept him and Wren alive.


While the romance often seems to take a back seat to the mystery/thriller part of this story it is an extremely important part to the overall story line. Initially Jaeger and Wren’s relationship may seem like a case of insta-love but I can honestly say that after reading the whole story and really thinking about it their story is more like a really, really slow burn, well except for when the sexy times happen…have mercy, there was nothing slow there it was hot and scorching.


I really enjoyed the mystery/thriller portion of this book it was interesting and the pacing was good. As well the author threw in a nice little surprise twist that definitely helped to hold my interest and give an extra connection to the two aspects of this story, tying the mystery and the romance even more securely together.


While ‘Jaeger’ is actually, the fourth book in “The Order of the Black Knight” series, if you aren’t a fan of characters that are really dark and seriously messed up than you may in fact want to consider starting here. Jaeger is by no means Mr. Sunshine & Light, but, compared to some of his fellow knights he’s a little easier to take. Let’s say his redeeming characteristics are more readily obvious.

‘The Order of the Black Knight’ is the ultimate in enemies to lovers/second chance/starting over stories. While each man is very different they are also connected by a common thread and it is that connection that drives their actions and this connection is also what ties the stories together but each book ultimately explains things so as I said not necessary to read them all unless like me…you just want to.



A copy of Jaeger was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.