Have you ever felt like you knew but you didn't...

Last Dance of The Sugar Plum - Al Stewart, Claire Davis

I'm not really going to talk about the story with this one so much as the experience of reading it.


'Last Dance of the Sugar Plum' is the type of story where you probably spend most of your time wondering 'what the hell just happened?' or at least I did. For much of this story I felt like I knew what was happening and yet at the same time I also felt like I had no clue. What I did figure out really quickly was that I didn't care because for me this story was beautifully written and simply demanded my attention. No matter how much I did or didn't feel like I understood what was happening at no point did the idea of not finishing this book appeal to me...hell, it never even entered my mind. There was a dark and haunting tone to it that demanded my attention and I knew even if I had wanted to...which by the way I didn't, I would never have been able to set it aside.


I love stories like this and usually I really enjoy trying to see how fast I can figure things out and maybe I would have figured more out before the end, than I did, if I hadn't become so lost in simply reading the story and savoring the journey that I found within.


Sure I wanted to know what happened in the end, but truthfully, I was so enchanted by the beginning and the middle that I just didn't feel the need to rush to the end. I knew it would all be there waiting for me when I got to it. As is normally the case my only real issue here was that as complete as it was I wanted more. 'Dance of the Sugar Plum' is not a long story more novella length but what the reader needs to remember is that while it may not be long...every word is a clue, means something and needs to be remembered.


If you enjoy reading stories that keep you guessing, keep you on the edge of your seat, make you want to hide in a room where no one can find you until you've finished...stop right here because you want to read this book. 


tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock...times running out. Why aren't you reading?



An ARC of "Last Dance of the Sugar Plum" was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.