This guys...this is freaking amazing....

The Lightning-Struck Heart - T.J. Klune

Ok first thing I want to say is a huge, huge, ginormous thank you to my cyber child, Josy who gifted this awesome audiobook to me. I knew you were totally one of the sweetest people every from the minute we started chatting over on GR. That you shared this wonderful experience with me is just further proof, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I've been wanting to read the book for ages now and something constantly keeps getting between me and it so Josy because TLSH is her happy place felt that I needed to have this experience and she gifted me with a copy of the audiobook. I now totally understand why you've listened to this so many times and I have zero doubt that I will be listening to this again as well. I'm already plotting to see how soon I can start listening to it again.


I tried to explain this story to my hubby and what I came up with was 'it's like Camelot, meets Merlin, meets Monty Python meets a whole lot of sparkly gay only better. Seriously I'm not sure I have the words for this one. 


I loved the characters all of them...well except maybe Justin... the jury's still out on him, but I have to admit I think Kevin may have been  my fav...well, come on what did you expect? Hello, DRAGON!!!! But you all knew that didn't you? It's just so hard to decide because Sam, Gary and Tiggy are oozing with awesomeness as well, not to mention Ryan...I like him and Sam's parents, the king...oh hell, who am I kidding I loved everyone. I loved the whole damned book it was fabulous. It was funny and I may have even had a teary moment or two. 


On top of all these awesome characters there was one incredibly good story so really what's not to like? Seriously if you haven't read "The Lightening Struck Heart" you need to fix that little oversight and if you really want a treat get the audio book it's nearly 20 hours of pure pleasure. Michael Leslie has done an amazing job with this one. I'm impressed and then some