Ya all are not gonna believe this one...

Two Cowboys and a Baby - Ba Tortuga

First let's talk about this story...'Two Cowboys and a Baby' was...well, it was like a comedy of errors...I guess. I love B. A. Tortuga. Seriously I've read a lot of her stuff and for me it's run the gambit of ratings from 2 stars to 5 stars. I like the men in these books and their stories are more often than not incredibly entertaining. But this one...this story had me in stitches. Now I'm not sure if I was suppose to be as amused as I was but I was so there's no going back on that.


So let's start with Hoss...yep, one of our MCs is named Hoss. Ok, that's not his real name his real name is 'Wyatt Earp McMasters the third'...I kid you not. Anyways, Hoss finds a baby on his front porch one morning and trust me that's not the most bizarre part of this book, but I'm not finished with the names because we also have a sheriff whose name is "Pooter' and the names just roll on from there...I'm pretty sure there's a Boss and a Cooter and probably a Scooter in there somewhere as well.


The whole story of how this baby came to be on Hoss's front step and who her daddy was...is hilariously over the top and then add in a best friend named Bradley, who in the midst of all their chaos of a baby and running a ranch admits that he never hated Boss for coming out to him in high school...nope, his feelings for Hoss are of a more romantic nature.  So let the fun begin and trust me it was fun, hilarious, over the top, roflmao fun!


So needless to say when the audiobook came out I needed to hear this I needed to have this story read to me in good 'ole boy cowboy voices and while Dorian Bane isn't a totally new to me author the one and only book that I've listened to by him did not involve cowboys and in general I enjoyed the job he did with that story. This time around I have to admit I had a bit of an issue mostly being that every once in a while one of those voices started to sound a bit like Mater...you know...Mater, the toe truck from the Disney movie cars...seriously folks this is all a little disconcerting in what's basically an adult book to suddenly find yourself reminded of a character from a Disney movie...ok, it may have had me doing some extra giggling as well...my inner 12 year old was highly amused.


'Two Cowboys and a Baby' for me was a cute story with a lot of tongue in cheek humor that often was over the top and I have to admit it definitely had me smiling and giggling on more than one occasion.



An audiobook of 'Two Cowboys and a Baby' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.