So I'm playing a bit of catch-up here...

Helping Hand - Jay Northcote

'Helping Hand' is the first book in Jay Northcote's Housemates series and since I recently reviewed the third book on audio my book OCD kept telling me that I needed to go back and play catch up with books 1 and 2. 


While I wasn't over the moon in love with this one, it was short, sexy and cute. I did really enjoy it. Jez and James McKenzie (Big Mac to his friends) have both decided it's time to settle down and get serious about their education since they've both pretty much partied away their first year...a common mistake...done it seen it, been there, had a few friends who came with. So needless to say for me this was a very believable theme. 


What starts out as a mutual support system to enable each man to get through the school year and keep their grades up as well as their finances under control turns into something more as Jez and Mac spend time alone studying and helping each other while their friends are out having fun. As things slowly heat up it seems there's no stopping these boys and what starts as watching porn and getting a little 'mutual stress relief' steadily turns into a relationship that both men realize they want to continue to explore and see where it takes them, but neither man is sure how to confess their feelings about. 


Mark Steadman is the narrator for this book and as with previous audiobooks that I've enjoyed by this narrator, he has once again done a superb job with the narration easily ticking off my 'what I enjoy in an audiobook' checklist.  


'Helping Hand' was a nice start to this series and I look forward to seeing how things play out for the rest of Jez and Mac's 'Housemates'. So things may not have started off with a 5 star bang here but I do know for me it gets better, book 3 got 5 'I love it' stars.