And the catch-up continues...

Like a Lover - Jay Northcote, Mark Steadman

'Like a Lover' is the second book in Jay Northcote's series 'Housemates' and I have to admit this book for me was good...really good. I liked Josh in the first book he struck me as sweet and someone who was a good friend to have. 


While we met Josh in 'Helping Hand', Rupert is a new character to this series he meets Josh when he's waiting for a date to arrive...a date who ultimately stands him up and as fate would have it Josh's 'date' (code talk for client) fails to show up as well. So seeing an attractive man sitting in the bar alone and having a room booked just a few floors away...well, opportunity knocks and who is Josh not to open the door and invited the attractive man sitting all by himself in.


Needless to say it doesn't take long for Josh and Rupert to hit the sheets and honestly given that this is how Josh is paying for his education if it had gone differently I would have been a little bit surprised. I liked that Josh was upfront about this. Rupert knew from the very beginning what Josh did for a living and I liked that...the honesty between these two was good, their relationship challenge didn't revolve around a 'big secret' it was refreshing.  


Sure, they still had to figure out how to deal with the reality of what Josh did to earn a living and I also liked that it was done without shaming Josh and making him feel ashamed of himself. In spite of how their relationship started there was sweetness to things between them and I really, really liked this pairing. 


Don't get me wrong, while these two were cute and adorably sweet together...they were also hot as hell!!! I mean seriously the sexy times were S-E-X-Y!!!


As with the other books in this series 'Like a Lover' was narrated by Mark Steadman and once again he's delivered another solid and enjoyable listening experience. 


So that's it folks, I'm  sorta' caught up here and first chance I get it's on to book 4 Watching and Wanting, it's Shawn's story and while he's been a bit of a dick so far. His behavior hasn't been totally unforgivable so I'm thinking it might be fun to see him get a bit of an awakening and find his HEA probably where he least expects it.