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Michael, Reinvented - Diana Copland

This is book 2 in Diana Copeland's series 'Delta Restorations' and while I didn't enjoy this one quite as much as the first book it still held my attention and gave me a lot of good moments. 


I would definitely recommend reading this series in order as both the characters and events from the previous book factor strongly into this one. We first met Michael and Gil in 'David Renewed' when David dragged Michael along as his muscle to help move some furniture he'd bought from Gil and while the attraction was instant it was a physical thing. Gil liked what he saw when he looked at Michael...yes, he thought that they could have more and wanted to explore the possibility of  where things could go for them but the problem is Michael doesn't do relationships. He's tried it and he got burned so he's not willing to take that chance again. Lucky for Michael, Gil's persistent and patient.


Whether he wants to or not Michael eventually finds his life and Gil's getting tangled together because of their work at DRR&D and because as hard as he may want to deny it he's drawn to Gil. Gil's not only sex on legs for him but he cares about Michael and is determined to keep him safe when events from the first book continue and once again this group finds themselves under attack. Plus Gil's not just easy on the eyes, he's one hella' nice guy and try as he might eventually Michael finds himself unable to ignore how much he genuinely likes him.


it's not until things escalate though that Michael realizes how much he wants his mountain of a man and that sometimes taking a chance is better than letting it go and living with regrets.


One of my favorite parts in this book was the solid mystery taking place allowing us to once again see this awesome group of men pull together to take care of each other and keep one another safe. 


This type of series where we get a different couple for each story while also having glimpses at past couples and ones that are yet to be explored is total book crack for me, it's like spending time with old friends while meeting new ones. In 'Michael Reinvented' we started off with a bit of David and Jackson as Jackson pulled out all the stops to give David an over the top Valentines day. Which for me, ironically, turned out to be the weakest part of this story.  For me this just didn't work, while all the elements were there for it somehow I just didn't feel the romance of the occasion and I have to admit I think that in part this was just a personal preference issue that made it not work for me so pfft, it didn't work not biggie these things happen.


However, there was a scene later in the book that pertained to Michael and Gil, specifically to Michael finding out something about Gil that for him was a bit of an eye opener and this worked so wonderfully well for me that quite honestly it had me in tears. It was beautifully done so again personal preference. Which just goes to show how truly subjective reviews are. What works for one person may not for another and in this case I can easily see where what didn't work for me will work for others and what had me in tears may only be nice or sweet or no big deal for someone else.


Overall though I loved this story. I liked the banter between Michael and Gil both verbally and texting. I was good with the way the relationship developed and grew. I really enjoyed the mystery aspect of the story and how it tied into everything. So yeah, overall just a really good read and one that has me hoping that whatever comes next, comes soon...maybe Vern and Manny? While I'm not sure how I feel about them as a couple if that's even where they're heading because at times I almost feel like their relationship is more of a big brother/little brother type relationship. What I do know for sure is that I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for this hard working group of friends.



An ARC of 'Michael Reinvented' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.